AWCON 2022: Ajara celebrates Bamoun Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya on big stage with winning goal

By Bakah Derick 

She lifted her yellow Lionesses shirt presenting a photo of the departed Sultan King of the Bamouns Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya just shortly after scoring the lone and winning goal for Cameroon on Wednesday 20 October 2021 in Douala. 
The match was a 2022 Women's African Cup of Nations qualifier against the Central African Republic. 
"The King forever" was the message below the colour portrait of the King in Ajara's vest. This was a big way to celebrate the man many have mistakenly considered her father. Like many in the Sultanate  of Foumban, Njoya is a popular name emanating from the throne of the Bamouns. 
Playing for the female national team of Camroon for the first time in the celebrated Japoma and carrier of the team's arm ban at the time after the passing on of the Sultan could not just be business as usual but an appropriate moment to mourn her King. She will turn the mourning to a huge celebration after getting a late 91st minute winner for Cameroon. 

Before passing on, the Sultan had celebrated Ajara's exploits with uncommon invitations to the Royal home for recognition. It is but normal that she feels attached to the King that has been largely mourned by Cameroon and the world. If the King can see, then he will certainly be saying, this is my daughter in home I am well pleased. 

Though playing in Douala, Cameoon was on away conditions as central Africa elected to host Cameroon in the economic capital city. 

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