Bamenda and a Strange Snake in Government Delegation

By Bakah Derick

Many amongst them Northwest Governor Adolf Lele L'Afrique Tuesday September 1, 2015 watched with dismay an unfortunate development in the Mezam divisional delegation of state property and lands tenure. It was a giant snake found in the cupboard of the delegation. 
When hilltopvoices arrive the scene, we were informed that the snake was seen with the intervention of a witchdoctor who reportedly rescued a staff of the delegation whose name was in the snake list and was going to die. Narrations around the premises say after the snake was captured, the woman witchdoctor ordered that it should be dissected and on dissection a fifty francs coin was found and then a black plastic bag was discovered. When the bag was opened a clean White part was found with the writing "Kah Charles you will die anybody hearing from you will also die while in pains 1. George 2 Gabila 3 Benjamin's 4 Pascal 5 Peter first" Our sources at the delegation say George was a staff and has died while Gabila has been very sick of recent. Kah Charles it should be noted is the Chief of Surveys at the Divisional Delegation in whose office the snake the was found.

Many rushed to the scene to see the incident as news went around the Bamenda City causing Northwest Governor to equally run to the delegation. Prior to the governor's arrival, Pastor Warah Solomon of Ramah Christian Center visited and prayed at the site. After Governor's Lele's visit the snake was burnt to ashes. Where the snake came from and for what mission remains a mystery.
However it was confirmed that the names in the paper removed from the bele of the snake are names of staff or auxiliary staff of the divisional delegation of lands for Mezam. As to what happens after we are yet to know but staff of the delegation have been terrified. Many say it will not be comfortable being in the same office where such thing has happened.

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