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UNCHRD-CA Equips Bloggers, Online Journalists on Fact-Checking, Human Rights Reporting

Ebolowa, South Region of Cameroon - The United Nations Center for Human Rights and Democracy (UNCHRD) in Central Africa, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Cameroon Bloggers Association (ABC), has organized a workshop for Bloggers and Online Journalists on Fact-Checking and Human Rights Reporting. Group picture after opening session  The workshop, which commenced on Tuesday, 27 February 2024, aims to empower participants to utilize social media as a tool to strengthen democracy and promote respect for human rights. Franklin Kiven, the representative of UNCHRD-CA, highlighted the importance of responsible social media use, emphasizing that misuse can expose the population to abuse. Franklin Kiven Speaking during the opening session  During the opening session, speakers including the President of the Bloggers Association, the Regional Chief of the National Human Rights Commission, and a Representative of the Governor of the
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Bamenda III Authorities Visit Victims of Armed Attack in Ntahbang Nkwen, Promise Investigation

The Divisional Officer for Bamenda III Subdivision, Austin Ayuni Sakah, the Mayor of Bamenda III Municipality, Fongu Cletus Tanwe, and the Fon of Nkwen on Tuesday 27 February 2024 visited victims of an armed attack in Ntahbang Nkwen on Monday 26. The injured victims are currently receiving treatment at the Bamenda regional hospital. The authorities extended words of encouragement to the victims who are in deep pain due to severe injuries inflicted on them with various weapons, including guns. They have promised to investigate the issue further to bring the perpetrators to justice. HRH Fon Azehfor III (in white) and Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe (in black) with affected victims at the Bamenda regional hospital  According to the three victims, they were working in Ntahbang below the Mt Calvary Cross area when armed individuals attacked them and accused them of encroaching on their land. The victims, consisting of both Nkwen people and non-Nkwen people who are internally displaced