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Editorial Commentary: Celebrating Linguistic Diversity; Promoting, Preserving Mother Tongues

February 21, World Mother Tongue Day is a day that celebrates linguistic diversity and promotes the preservation and protection of mother languages around the world. It is a day to recognize the importance of preserving and promoting languages that are spoken by minority communities, and to highlight the cultural richness that comes from linguistic diversity. Chilli Wawaye (top Right), DDKC (Top Left) Zita Light (Bottom Right) Richard Kings (Bottom Left) This year, on World Mother Tongue Day, allow me shine a spotlight on the efforts of artists like Zita Light Richard Kings, DDKC Chilli Wawaye, and others who are using their music to promote and preserve the languages of the Nso and Nkwen people in the North West Region. These artists are not only creating beautiful music, but they are also serving as ambassadors for their languages and cultures, helping to keep them alive for future generations. The Nso people speak Lamnso, while the Nkwen people speak Abonģne-menkwene. Th

Nkwen District Hospital refurbished, introduces ramps for PWDs

By Burinyuy A. The Nkwen District Hospital (formerly PMI) has been refurbished. The refurbishment according to the Chairperson of the Board of Directors o the health facility follows the recent upgrading of the facility to a district hospital. According to Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe, the board chair, paying attention to the inclusive nature of the facility during the refurbishment was important.  The major innovation during the refurbishment was the construction of ramps to improve access to the hospital’s services by persons with disabilities (PWDs).  “The Bamenda III Council is an inclusive council and as far as the Nkwen District Hospital is concerned, we already took a board decision that people living with disability who can proof their condition, their bills are cut down by 50%... And we hope to replicate in other facilities because this is the maiden phase.” Fongu said With several ramps facilitating access to all the buildings in the facility,

Nkwen Development Association UK donates To Village Rural Health Center

By Bakah Derick in Nkwen The Nkwen Cultural and Development Association (NCDA), United Kingdom chapter, has donated hospital items to the Nkwen Rural Integrated Health Center. The items were handed on Friday 13 October 2023.  Donated Items displayed in front of the Health Center  Speaking on behalf of the donor association during the handing over event at the Nkwen Rural Integrated Health Center, Muma Azehfor III, disclosed that the items were made up of beds, matrasses and baby cots. He further detailed that during the need assessment visit to the rural health center, the challenge presented was that of baby cots but NCDA UK decided to do more   “It is hoped that these items will improve the quality of care delivered to this community. The items being handed included 13 adults hospital beds, 16 adults hospital bed matrasses, 10 bed side cabinets, ten baby cots, ten baby cot matrasses” Muma read in a speech by Madam Claudine Ngwa, President of NCDA UK. The speech further re

SHUMAS Cameroon furnish SAJOCCO Mankon

By Bakah Derick  Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS) Cameroon has donated some furniture to St Joseph Comprehensive College (SAJOCCO) Mankon-Bamenda. The furniture made up of desks, tables and chairs was handed to the school on Wednesday 11 October 2023.  Cutting of symbolic ribbon The Students, parents and administration representatives have expressed gratitude to SHUMAS Cameroon promising to make maximum use of the furniture.  “We had fewer than 300 desks, most of them dilapidated because they were furniture made for primary school kids and many of them have given way and with the growing number; I inherited 233 in 2020, now we are 600, so you can imagine the population growth and so these desks will go to help that acute problem of shortage.” Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Ndong, SAJOCCO Principal said  Fr. Bonaventure Ndong Principal SAJOCCO  Accompanying the the Principal to receive the items was the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Bamenda representing the Arch

EXHIST celebrates Milestone Achievements at 3rd Convocation

By Carlos Ngwayi in Yaoundé  Experiential Higher Institute of Science and Technology (EXHIST) has celebrated remarkable successes recorded just within the last four years of the institution's existence. This was during the 3rd convocation ceremony of the University Institute in Yaoundé on Saturday 30 September 2023. Faculty, Staff, Masters, First Degree and HND Graduates  Guest Speaker at the convocation, Hon Yoyo Emmanuel has attributed the success to the core values of the institution like Academic Excellence, leadership and accountability, diversity, innovation, hard work, discipline, honesty amongst others.  While expressing gratitude to parents and guardians who believe in EXHIST at this tender age, the faculty and staff for their commitment, the President and CEO of EXHIST, Ngang Nelson says despite the landmark achievements already listed in the profile of the institution, his wish is to produce professionals who will provide services especially healthcare with love and pass

Editorial: Harnessing the Power of Words; Spoken Word and Poetry Promote Peace

By Bakah Derick  In the bustling town of Bamenda, a transformative event took place on Friday, 22 September, to commemorate World Peace Day. Spearheaded by talented spoken word artists and poets, this event harnessed the power of words to promote peace in our society. Through their passionate performances and thought-provoking words, these artists demonstrated the profound impact that spoken word and poetry can have in fostering a peaceful world. Spoken word and poetry have long played a vital role in giving voice to the voiceless and communicating the nuances of our shared human experience. They allow individuals to express their thoughts, emotions, and opinions in a creative and powerful manner. The beauty of spoken word and poetry lies in their ability to transcend social, cultural, and linguistic barriers. This universal language of the heart and mind enables us to forge connections, build empathy, and foster mutual understanding. So did Mottanni and Co at the World Pea

Vaccination Campaign Face Challenges in Rural Communities in NW Amid Ongoing Armed Conflict, Others

By Bakah Derick Eforts by health authorities and aid agencies to ensure the vaccination of children against polio in most rural communities in the North West Region have been visible September 22, 2023 when the campaign kicked off. This has met several challenges. The undertaking is complicated by the region's simultaneous struggle with the over six-year-old armed conflict, adding to the difficulties of reaching vulnerable children and ensuring their protection against the devastating disease. This amongst other could explain why health authorities have organized a catchup campaign for September 26 after the campaign ended on the 24 Vaccination team in Mbonso Bui Division  According to health authorities, the polio vaccination campaign aims to combat the spread of the highly infectious poliovirus, which poses a severe threat to the health and well-being of children. Unfortunately, the ongoing armed conflict has exacerbated an already challenging situation, impeding acce

GSAHW announced from September 27 in Bamenda

By Ngenwie Azeh S.  The Global South Arts and Health Week (GSAHW) will take place on the 27 and 28 of September 2023 in Bamenda. The event to feature film projections, Poetry Performances, Panel Discussions, Arts Therapy and Mural Painting GSAHVW aims at advancing "education, scientific research and interdisciplinary practice of arts in health, creative art therapy and community-based arts engagements in the Global South."  This will achieved through a wide range of collaborations, community projects, community projects, cultural exchanges, Workshops, exhibitions, performances and plenary presentations. According to the organizer of the event, Arts and Wellness Coach, Director, Trainer and Arts therapist, Lanjo Neindefoh, the Bamenda event is a follow-up to the International virtual event that held on Saturday 23, September 2023.

Politics: SDF NW Set for National Convention - Regional Chairperson Fongu Cletus Tanwe say

The newly elected regional chairperson of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) party for the North West says his region is set for the National Convention of the party slated for October this year.  Talking to The Hilltop Mail  , Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe noted that after the reorganization conference of the party that held on Saturday 24 September 2023 in Bamenda, the party is prepared to join the other regions in choosing the new leaders of the party at national level at the National Level.  He admitted that as the Regional leader of the party in the North West, he has received some files from militants aspiring for offices at the national level. Though Mayor Fongu didn't find it comfortable talking to us about the names, he indicated that the delegates at the regional conference are aware of those who are aspiring for national and will make the choice at the appropriate.  The Hilltop Mail has however gathered from other sources that apart from the highly expected interim

Politics: SDF Elects NW Regional Executive this Week

Authoritative Sources around the Social Democratic Front (SDF) have hinted The Hilltop Mail that the Regional Convention of the party will take place on Saturday 23 September 2023. The objective of the convention according to our sources is to elect the Regional Leadership of the party in preparation for its National Convention scheduled for October this year. SDF party logo In a recent meeting in Yaoundé, the National Executive Committee of the SDF ordered the reorganization of the party in the region setting Saturday 23 September 2023 as deadline. Though the venue has not been made known, The Hilltop Mail has it on good authority that the Regional Convention will take place in Bamenda  During the most recent activity of the party which was the burial of the late Chairman Ni John FruNdi, the Mayor of the Bamenda III Council coordinated the region. Speculations are high that the leader of the lone SDF council in the North West Region may be elected the regional chairperson.

Community Development: HITA breaks Silence after 10 Years of Community Service

The Bamenda based not-for-profit Nongovernmental Organization Health Information and Technology Awareness (HITA) has made an unusual media outing to present a series of projects realized in the last 10years of its existence. Authorities of the organization addressed the press in Bamenda on Saturday 16 September 2023. HITA Authorities and Trainees during presser  Presenting the activities and projects realized, The Vice President of HITA detailed that most of their work has focused on empowering less privileged young people in Bamenda with skills in fashion designing and tailoring, barbing, computer training, woodwork, mechanics and provision of water in communities. Dr Bamjo Herman explained that this has been done through onsite training or in partnership with workshops in Bamenda. #PEVCAMEROON #StopPolio #HaltePolio  According to some of the trainees, the opportunity offered them by HITA has been life changing. Telson Ngala and Lum Constance, both trainees in

Back to School 2023: Journalist Zita Atangche Innovates, Offers Free Hair Cut, Learning Materials to Pupils, Students

By Ngenwie Azeh Journalist Atangche Zita has carried out an uncommon back to school campaign in her Nkwen Community. The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of New Breed Africa Foundation on Thursday 31 August 2023 held a special event targeting over 200 orphans and less privileged at the Nkwen Palace in preparation for the new school year. Atangche Zita speaking at the event  Apart from distributing school materials including books, bags, pens, pencils, Atangche Zita added a special activity. Her foundation together with Soft Touch Foundation and 237 Celebrity Barber offered free hair cut services to those in need. Barbers shaving at back to school event  For several hours, the professional barbers present gave the children an all fresh look. Also special this year was the presence of the Fon of Nkwen who used the moment to congratulate Atangche Zita for all what she is doing for the less privileged and the Nkwen community. HRH Fon Azehfor III

Neh Sandra Fongeh Defends Degree with Unlikely Innovation: Beans Peeling Machine

By Bakah Derick  In a groundbreaking display of creative innovation, Neh Sandra Fongeh, a student of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, National Higher Polytechnic Institute of the University of Bamenda defended her Bachelor's degree on Saturday, September 9, 2023, using a remarkable beans peeling machine. The unconventional approach caught the attention of faculty members,  fellow students and family members alike, turning Neh's defense into a memorable event. Neh Sandra Fongeh presenting her machine to the Jury Neh Sandra, known for her out-of-the-box thinking and passion for engineering, mesmerized the audience with her extraordinary project during the thesis defense titled: design and realization of a manually and motorized beans shelling machine. While most students opt for a traditional presentation or experiment demonstration, Neh's choice to showcase a beans peeling machine highlighted her unique perspective on problem-solving.

Nso Fon, HRM Sehm Mbinglo I, Clocks 30 on the Throne

His Royal Majesty Fon Sehm Mbinglo I is 30years on the throne as Paramount Ruler of the Nso people in Bui Division, North West Region of Cameroon.  Fon Sehm Mbinglo I on enthronement day (Right) and recently (left)  Coronated in August 1993 at 39, HRM Fon Sehm Mbinglo I is the 28th Fon of the Nso Fondom.  The anniversary comes at the time when the over six years old armed conflict in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon has made it difficult for the Fon to live in Nso.  The Hilltop Mail has however gather that commemorative activities are taking place in different parts of the world including Yaoundé where the Fon has taken temporal residence.  Tributes have been circulating on social media platforms describing the King as a great ruler despite the challenges. 

Misaje Shaa Festival 2023: Ndansi Elvis reward Champions in Hygienic production, Distribution, offer scholarships, learning kits

By Burinyuy A in Misaje  At the Grand finale of the 6th edition of the Misaje Shaa festival on Saturday September 2, 2023 in Misaje, the promoter after awarding cash prizes as promised  announced that in no distant time the first prize of the now famous Misaje Shaa Festival shall hit Fcfa 1 million. This announcement sent many a participant and Shaa women in the Subdivision in to frenzy. Handing of prizes at the close of the festival     This festival he reiterated is apolitical and has only one thing to sell across which is to encourage hygiene and sanitation in the production of this local liquor brewed from fermented corn and water and mostly consumed by people in the grass field. The timing which is always in the last week of August is to enable participants to send children to school with ease. Winners in picture with officials present  The 6th edition saw Madam Chila Rose as the winner of the first prize and took home a cash prize of 300.000frs cash, a big