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Lifestyle: Dr. Edwin Tatah, Mother Receives Apostolic Blessings on Twin Birthday Celebration

By Bakah Derick Pope Francis has imparted Apostolic Blessings on Dr. Edwin Banseka Tatah and his mother, Venyena Scholastica Tatah. The Blessing messages from the leader of the Roman Catholic Church were handed to both mother and son on Saturday 11 November 2023 during a thanksgiving birthday Mass organized for them at the ST. Michael's Catholic Church in Futru-Nkwen. Dr Edwin Banseka Tatah, Mother and celebrating priests  "The Holy Father Francis cordially imparts the requested Apostolic Blessing to Edwin Banseka Tatah on the occasion of his 50th Birthday and through the intercession of the Virgin Mary invokes an abundance of Divine Graces." Dr. Ban's message read with that of the mother carrying her name. While Dr. Edwin Banseka celebrated his Golden Age (50), his mother was celebrating her 85th birthday. An elaborate all-white party to celebrate both held at the Blue Pearl Hotel Plaza where family, friends, groups and other well-wishers show

Misaje Shaa Festival 2023: Ndansi Elvis reward Champions in Hygienic production, Distribution, offer scholarships, learning kits

By Burinyuy A in Misaje  At the Grand finale of the 6th edition of the Misaje Shaa festival on Saturday September 2, 2023 in Misaje, the promoter after awarding cash prizes as promised  announced that in no distant time the first prize of the now famous Misaje Shaa Festival shall hit Fcfa 1 million. This announcement sent many a participant and Shaa women in the Subdivision in to frenzy. Handing of prizes at the close of the festival     This festival he reiterated is apolitical and has only one thing to sell across which is to encourage hygiene and sanitation in the production of this local liquor brewed from fermented corn and water and mostly consumed by people in the grass field. The timing which is always in the last week of August is to enable participants to send children to school with ease. Winners in picture with officials present  The 6th edition saw Madam Chila Rose as the winner of the first prize and took home a cash prize of 300.000frs cash, a big

Press Release: 20th Anniversary of Hope Social Union for the Visually Impaired (HSUVI): CelebratingTwo Decades of Empowering Persons with Visual Impairments

Bamenda, Cameroon - Hope Social Union for the Visually Impaired (HSUVI) is pleased to announce her 20th anniversary for this October 2023. For the past two decades, HSUVI has been dedicated to empowering persons with visual impairments and promoting their inclusion in society. Founded in February 2003, HSUVI has grown into a leading organization that provides comprehensive services to persons with visual impairments. The organization has continued to partner with civil society organizations (CSO), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Faith-Based Organizations and government international agencies to offer a range of programs, including education and vocational training, rehabilitation services, and advocacy initiatives that aim to improve the lives of persons with visual impairments in particular and the disabled family in general; including but not limited to trauma healing, distribution of white canes, promotion of braille use and adapted digital literacy for the blind.

Bamenda III Council: Holiday Inclusive Tournament enters quarter-finals

By Burinyuy A.B  The Bamenda III Council Inclusive Royal Tournament 2023 enters the round of eight this Sunday 13 August. This follows the end of the group stages last Thursday 10 August and the homologation of the 18 matches played so far.  Considering results of matches obtained from the field and other irregularities, four teams have been eliminated while eight others have qualified for the quarter finals. The first two quarter final matches have been scheduled for Sunday 13 as follows: M19 12noon, Mbessi United vs Sunday Sharp FC, M20 2pm, Alahlie FC Vs Sporting FC and on Wednesday 12 M21 Legacy SC Vs Legacy Jr FC M22 Waterfall FC Vs Njenefor FC The football competition organized by the Bamenda III Council aims at encouraging the practice of sports, provide an avenue for football talents in the municiplality to be nurtured as well as promote the council social inclusion development agenda and peaceful coexistence amongst those living in the municipality. 

NKWEN Fon takes firm stand against disorder in his Fondom, Assures all of his protection

By Bakah Derick  The Fon of Nkwen has made an unusual outing to reaffirm his commitment to maintaining order in his Fondom. HRH Fon Azehfor III addressed the press on the sidelines of a meeting in his palace aimed at addressing issues raised by one of his subjects considered a threat to his Fondom and peaceful coexistence.  Here is the declaration of HRH Fon Azehfor III.  Fon Azehfor III speaks about his Fondom Speaking to The Hilltop Mail just shortly after the meeting, the concerned, Jude Nforngang has promised to respect the advice and directives of the Fon. 

Jennifer Achu, JAchu Ventures CEO, awarded in London-UK for outstanding community service

By Hilltopvoices Guest Writer in London  The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of JAchu Ventures has been recognized in London-UK for her work in helping individuals and organizations reach their full potentials. The visionary leader with passion for creativity and community growth,  received her recognition in the UK House of Lords on Friday 14 July during the 13th Edition of the African Achievers Awards.  The Advisory Board under Authorization granted by the Board of Trustees awarded the outstanding CEO with a wealth of experience for her expertise to help small businesses and individuals navigate the complexities of the business world and establish a credible brand. Founded in 2011, “The African Achievers Awards is an annual awards ceremony that celebrates African excellence through recognizing and honoring notable individuals and organizations in Africa across multiple industries that contribute immensely to the growth and development of the continent.” The organizer say

Ndu-Nkambe Road: Contractor surfaces as Mayor Musa Shey goes 'wild' for his people

Video of Mayor Musa Shey Nfor  The road to Nkambe Divisional headquarters of Donga Mantung is getting worst by the day. With deep potholes looking like trenches, commuters are forced to spend days on the road when it rains. While pushing stocked vehicles and creating a passage in the mud, the Mayor of Nkambe Musa Shey Nfor and other road users reacted on the situation in this video Video of the contractor  Another video has emerged on social media on the Ndu-Nkambe road. According to the new video, the contractor is on site carrying out maintenance work.  The video which gives the impression that work has never been abandoned comes days after the Mayor of Nkambe, Musa Shey Nfor appeared in another video (which we published) fuming over the state of the road as he worked with drivers and others to provide passage to several vehicles. 

CBC Constitutional Review: the landmark speech of the Executive President, the approved proposals

The 2nd Extra Ordinary Session of the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) on Saturday 10 June 2023, approved the review of the institution's constitution. A majority of delegates representing churches of the convention reached decision after an entire day of deliberation and voting.  Nkwen Baptist Church where the 2nd Extraordinary general session took place  Presenting a Justification of the proposal for a constitutional review, the CBC Executive President (EP), Rev. Dr. Nditemeh Charlemagne noted that the process started not less than two years before he became the leader of the convention thus answering worries of those who thought the review was happening too sudden. After being examined by the various structures of the convention including the General Council and the Legal Advisory Committee, the EP dismissed claims of illegality in the process.  Speaking during the opening of the session the CBC Chief Shepherd identified the following as weaknesses of the CBC Consti

Lifestyle: Africa Sports Management CEO-Murum Divine ties knot Colorfully in Yaoundé

By Antonio B. In Yaoundé  The Chief Executive Officer of Africa Sports Management has completed his matrimonial vows. Divive Murum sealed his Love for Ngeh Relindis during a religious service organised for the purpose in the Juvence Neighborhood in Yaoundé on Saturday 8 March 2023.  Divine Murum and Wife Ngeh Relindis heading to Church  Pastor Jean Jacques Ndoudoumou, and Bassa Murum of World Wide Church of God and Ndayi Joel Mpinda of Christian Restoration Center sealed the Union before God's people in a heavily attended service praying for the newly weds to live long and see their children's children.  Present at the Church were well known football actors in the country, family and friends.   The icing on the cake was the wedding reception that held in one of Yaoundé's most popular events venue-Diplomat Hall.  The two floor hall was full to capacity with much to eat and drink as the day's host Bakah Derick added value to every activity.