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Environment: CAMGEW recommend more conservation actions in the Bamenda Western Highlands

By Bakah Derick  Bamenda based not-for-profit nongovernmental organization Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW), has expressed the need for more intentional efforts towards environmental protection and conservation in the Bamenda Western Highlands Forest Area. The Director of CAMGEW made the appeal in Bamenda on Wednesday 26 April 2023 during a one day development marketplace event organised by the organization bringing together about 30 other organizations working on conservation and environment.  Partial view of the development marketplace place event ground  According to Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy, the Bamenda Western Highlands Forest Area is a source of livelihood for many and particular steps should be taken to ensure its conservation reason why the one day development marketplace fair focused on promoting networking amongst conservation organizations in the area.  Addressing women, youth,  traditional authorities, the university community and eco-businesses pres

Environment: OCJN Climate Justice Ambassador demand insertion of climate issues in school curriculum

By Nfor Nkfu  The Climate Justice Ambassador at Oxford Climate Journalism Network (OCJN) has launched the Climate demand Action (CDA) for Climate Solution Action (CSA) for Cameroon Schools including Colleges, Universities and other institutions of learning. Tamukong Roland Angong launched the campaign on Thursday 30 March 2023 at the Regional College of Agriculture Bambili.  Tamukong Roland with administration and students of RCA Bambili.  "Climate resilience requires, eco-friendly attitudes and habits that can only be better enhanced or sustained through education" Tamukong said  According to Tamukong Roland who is also founder of Cameroon Climate Journalism Network (CCJN) the project is a climate nation wide education advocacy campaign program that will run for a year from the date of the launch with the" objective to cause or call for the insertion of climate studies in Cameroon schools and revival."  Climate Justice Ambassador

Environment: Flooding of City Streams return to Bamenda as Rainy Season Begins

The Mile 4 stream locally known as Nkie-Mufeh on the evening of Tuesday 28 March 2023 overflow it's banks following heavy rains recorded in the city. Before night fall, the news circulated like wildfire forcing many living on both sides of the bridge found on the opposite direction at that moment to hurriedly return home considering the challenges they could face should the over flooding meet them while still on the other side. The result of the rush was huge traffic around the bridge.  Flooding at Ntansen  "I have been standing here for awhile now because of slow traffic. I live in Bambui and when I heard that the bridge was getting full I had to go home earlier." A private car driver tells while on traffic.  Less than a week ago, the stream just before city Chemist roundabout overflow practically stopping traffic. It was a similar incident at Below Foncha on the road leading to Ntasen. Experts have blamed the recurrence to poor waste ma

Environment: Tewu Erasmus talks to Hilltopvoices on Waste management in Bamenda

By Shey Godbless  As garbage heaps continue to form mountains at an exponential rate on a daily basis unabated in all the streets within the city of Bamenda, an environmentalist has sounded a strong warning for a bleak future if adequate measures are not  taken and on time.  Waste along the streets of Bamenda  Speaking to in an exclusive interview, environmentalist TEWU Erasmus recounted a good number of areas where the increasing garbage heaps was impacting our environment negatively. He classified the effects on two fronts viz: short term and long term effects.  To begin with, the founder of New Vision for an Eco-friendly Environment revealed that there was some toxic smell emanating from the heaps that were not humanly friendly. They cause toxic smell or air pollution.  "As human beings we have different strengths of our respiratory systems and these toxic smells we inhale around our garbage heaps causes a lot of damage to our respi

Environment: Bamenda's recent floods, result of poor waste management, town planning, farming alignment, others

By Bakah Derick   Wednesday 14 September 2022, Bamenda floods like never before. From Mankon to Nkwen, all streams overflow their banks leaving many stranded and nearly homeless. Overflows at Mile 4 bridge    "Places were locked but I managed to reach the regional hospital unfortunately going back home even though I saw a bike, crossing the various streams was not easy and now I am stocked here again in mile four." Linda konglim tells as she struggles to get a means to facilitate her crossing of the flooded Nkie-Mufeh bridge.  She indicates that passing through City Chemist to Sonac street was a herculean task. The K-town road was completely impassable. She managed her way through the bridge at the Nkwen  market area.  "Water is everywhere today. The worst part is that it is very dirty and so as I managed to cross, I was not too sure of what can happen to me. See my dresses are wet like this because I passed inside the water."  Ear

Environment: As government stays mute, floods at Mile 4 bridge leaves many stranded again

By Bakah Derick  Many have been blocked again along the Bamenda-Bambui road precisely at the  bridge linking mile 3 and 4 in the BamendaIIImunicipality. They were blocked as a result of floods over the stream locally known as Nkie-Mufeh due to heavy rains this Thursday 15 September 2022.  Flooded Mile 4 bridge  Being a lockdown, many who dared the organisers were locked down by the flood that has been described as worst than any previous case. With no public transportation services like taxis, busses and worst still private vehicles, only daring commercial bikes are on the road.  "I had to go to the hospital to see a cousin of mind hospitalised. I am happy i saw a bike in the morning and again I now on my way back I saw this one unfortunately the water has flooded and we are blocked here. I hope it will go down soon so I cross and go home." Linda konglim a road user tells  The bikes and their passengers are stranded and those who

Climate Change Mitigation: Award of outstanding actors announced in Bamenda

By Hilltopvoices   Cameroon climate Journalism Network under the World Echoes Media Group will on Saturday 17 September 2022 award climate change mitigation actors.  According to invitations which got a copy, the event will take place at the exquisite Plush House GRA Upstation in Bamenda from 10am.  The “Media Award Against Climate Change of the 21st century is to individuals, institutions, organizations and enterprise that have year in, year out selflessly contributed to conserve nature, sustain lives and protect nature's gifts.” The letter notes  With a few days to the award event, the Cameroon country Ambassador at Oxford Climate Journalism Network, Tamukong Roland who doubles as CEO of World Echoes Media Group has reaffirmed readiness for the promising event.  “This day I take this singular opportunity as a climate Actor three days to Cameroon’s Grand Climate Jamboree taking place in Bamenda GRA Plush House on the 17th of September

Environment: temporal measure on Mile 4 Nkwen bridge challenged by nature

By Bakah Derick  Traffic was again slowed for several hours during the early evening hours of Wednesday 7 September 2022 along the Bamenda-Bambui road due to flooding at the bridge linking Mile three and mile four Nkwen.  Mile 4 Nkwen bridge flooded again  The mile four bridge as it is commonly called over Nkie-Mufeh could not manage the water that came down from the Ndzah and Bamendakwe hills following heavy rains again.   Though a regular occurrence, The rains came this time when an escavator was on site opening up the water way in what the Bamenda III Council Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe described as a temporal measure to solve the flooding crisis.  The escavator operator had to suspend work due to the heavy nature of the rains and the flood as onlookers watched the flow across the bridge in desperation. A few dared the flood waters and succeeded while some motorcycles and cars will have to stay off the road for days for repairs as they got damaged in the floods.

Environment: temporal solution to Mile 4 bridge flooding at last

By Bakah Derick  Traffic along the Bamenda-Bambui road was slowed during the later hours of Tuesday 6 September 2022 following work to ease water flow on the bridge on Nkie-Mufeh at Mile 4 Nkwen.  Escavator on duty at the Mile 4 bridge  The work according to Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe of the Bamenda III Council is a temporal measure to solve the flooding which has been a regular occurrence at the bridge.  "We are here today as a temporal measure to rescue the floods that are frequent on this bridge and we think that with this temporal measure, the situation will ameliorate as we seek a permanent solution in the near future." Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe told as he supervised the work.  Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe talking to  The last time floods made traffic across the bride slow is about a  week ago leaving many on the road for over three hours.   A typical day with floods across the Nkie-Mufeh bridge  Ka

Environmental Education: Holiday school kids trained on urban gardening with plastic bottles

By Bakah Derick  A Bamenda based not-for-profit nongovernmental environmental and gender sensitive organisation has trained over 160 holiday school going pupils on the use of waste plastic bottles for urban gardening.  CAMGEW Director addressing the learners at start of training  The Friday 22 July 2022 outreach by Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) according to the executive director of the Organisation had as focus the conversion of waste plastic bottles to wealth for "use in planting spices, vegetables, medicinal plants, flowers and also for teachers to use it for demonstration when teaching children on plants and plant growth."  Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy explained in a post on the organisation's Facebook page that the outreach was based completely on practical demonstrations "We had demonstrations with various plants like huckleberry, Aloe vera, water leaf, lettuce and spices growing from plastic containers. Demonstrations were ma