John Fru Ndi indicts Government for Creating Cameroon Boko Haram

By Bakah Derick

John Fru Ndi - SDF National Chairman

According to the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front SDF John Fru Ndi, Cameroon’s National Anti-Corruption Commission NACC was created by the President of the Republic Paul Biya to please the international community in the area of anti-corruption. This was amongst many issues raised  in Bamenda Saturday August 29, 2015 during an event organised by some Yaounde based Journalists under the banner of political Journalists Club, the SDF chairman repeatedly questioned why the institution has not released another report for several years now. During the over three hour event, the SDF big man spoke out on a handful of issues amongst them the Boko Haram, The SDF at 25, Cameroon’s indebtedness, elections in Cameroon.  

His take on NACC followed that on Cameroon’s electoral body Elections Cameroon ELECAM which he rejected claims by government that it is an independent body. Quoting President Paul Biya for saying during the visit of French President François Hollande  that elections where sure but far, John Fru Ndi argued that though ELECAM will present a clean program to you, they cannot say with certainty when what will happen. He stated that ELECAM cannot postpone an election in Cameroon without the authority of the President of the Republic.
Concerning the collection of toll gate charges in Cameroon, the SDF strongman said as always that his party instituted the tollgate in Cameroon with the intention of gating potential funders to construct roads and collect the tolls for some time and transfer the roads to government. Proceeds from these collections he added will then be used for the maintenance of the roads. While challenging people in areas with bad roads to protest against the collection of these tolls, the chairman noted that his recent move to Matazem to stop the collection of tolls was not because it was Bamenda. To him others feeling the pinch could protest and he will join them since he sees no reason why toll gate charges should be collected on very bad roads, no repairs of existing roads nor the construction of new ones.
On Elections in Cameroon beginning at party level John Fru Ndi says he is the only party leader in Cameroon who subjects himself to elections at the level of his party either for the chairmanship or representation at national elections like the Presidential. He found a problem with President Biya staying for long in office but did not see anything wrong with him staying at the helm of the Social Democratic Front.  According to the Chairman his stay is sanctioned by the votes of the militants and since they are in quest for power they hoped to get it and serve only a term noting that it was his campaign material in 2011. 
With the current chaos concerning opposition parties in Cameroon, Fru Ndi denied taking the responsibility for failure of Cameroons opposition. To him instead of fighting the ruling CPDM Party, many oppositions in Cameroon spend time fight him and the SDF. As the opposition party with the largest number of followers, the SDF chairman insinuated that he could not go for any quoalition which he will not be at the head with respect to the numbers his party has. To those who left his party and started theirs with the many reasons advanced amongst them tribalism, the SDF Chair questioned why they are not more successful than the SDF. He charged them to come up with something better than the SDF in other to prove their point. 
On the SDF at 25, Fru Ndi rejected claims that the SDF was Anglo-Bamelike party meaning meant for Anglophones and Bamelike people in Cameroon. He declared that should he leave the SDF today he will be a happy person because to him party has grown contesting elections in many parts of Cameroon. Those who were wounded at the launching of the party he added are being taken care of.
The Boko Haram concept in Cameroon Fru Ndi declared is a different thing from what is in Nigeria. While in Nigeria BoKo Haram says they do not want western education chairman questioned rhetorically what Boko Haram’s mission in Cameroon is. As he faults the Biya Regime for paying ransom over four times to the group, the SDF chair accused the regime for knowing the groups arguing that you cannot negotiate with people you do not know. To him President Biya should have forced the speaker of the National Assemble produce the group following a declaration he made at the assembly saying that there were Boko Harams amongst us. If it was in the SDF he would have ordered him to produce the list or names. Fru Ndi also Accused the government for issuing IDs to none Cameroonians most of them Boko Haram members who are now passing in the country as Cameroonians. The SDF Chair qualified Boko Haram in Cameroon as a creation by the regime. 

As to why he has not gone to the field or “war front” in the North Chairman Fru Ndi said he had sent his first National Vice Chairman Joshua Osih to the area and equally visited the military hospital hosting wounded soldiers and donating food. While raising doubts about accountability in the management of donations made for the fight against Boko Haram, Fru Ndi added that his Senators and parliamentarians like the party donated money before and during the 25th Anniversary celebration to support the treatment of the wounded and the internally displaced persons. He concluded by questioning why Biya himself has not been there talk less of sending his Prime Minister.  
The SDF chairman used the meeting to accuse the Biya Regime for destroying Cameroons Economy and indebting Cameroonians so heavily thus making the country look like the poor man who borrows always. According to the chairman a realistic budget and well defined and appropriate technical education are the only things that can serve Cameroon from the current economy mess.
Members of the Parliament, Mayors, Shadow Cabinet Ministers and militants of the SDF joined the SDF Chairman during the event.

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