Electoral Board Chairman on Northwest Tour as Registers Close Today

By Bakah Derick

According to Cameroons’ electoral laws, the annual revision of the electoral register ends at midnight on the 31 August every year. This Monday August 31is therefore the last day for eligible and unregistered Cameroonians to get themselves registered. 
Dr Fonkam Azu-ELECAM

In a bid to get a firsthand appraisal of the revision process in the Northwest ahead of the closure this Monday, the Chairman of the electoral Board Dr Fokam Samuel Azu’u is in the Northwest Region for a 10 day tour. Speaking during a press conference in Bamenda Friday August 28, 2015, Dr Fokam explained that he and other members of the board have just returned from the diaspora where they observed with satisfaction the implementation of various conditions laid down for registration in different Cameroonian diplomatic missions across the world. Elaborating on some of the conditions, the Electoral board chairman explained that after visiting 38 destinations, they were sure that only Cameroonians with the Country’s nationality were allowed to register as per the law with all using consular cards obtained with the use of Cameroonian passports. The law he added allows such Cameroonians to participate only in referendums and presidential elections only. The only exception her said is for woman who are married and for reasons of marriage will want to keep their Cameroonian nationality.
On his tour of the region Dr Fonkam said he will be visiting as many Council Branches as possible meeting with members of the joined commission for a proper assessment of the process. He noted that he will be carrying out his tour including the weekend during which he expects all Elections Cameroon ELECAM offices to be open to make sure all those just acquiring national Identity cards and other late comers are registered.
Northwest Statistics
Presenting the latest statistics as of August 27, 2015 in the Northwest Region, the Chairman said a total of 36118 have been newly registered with 30454 of them youths. “13635 cards collected by their rightful owners, 1379 names expunged and 1744 modifications made.
Divisionally in terms of population density, Dr Fokam presented Mezam as the highest in registration with 15766, Bui 4456, Donga Mantung 3652, Momo 2631, Menchum 2871, Ngoketunjia 3073 and Boyo 3669 new registered. Comparatively to same time in 2014 when 26746 were registered in the region by this time, the Chairman saluted the work of the regional office and expressed optimism that before the process officially ends well over 1000 will be registered.
After August 31
As to what happens after the official closing due for mid night this Monday August 31, 2015, the Chairman presented a calendar of activities which indicates that by the 5th of September, Council branches are expected to forward the registers to the Divisions. Latest October 10, the provisional list should be available at all council branches for verification by all registered. Between September 20 to November 9, he added ELECAM will be open to receive complains from political parties. From November 10, the corrected list will be forwarded to Divisional Heads and by December 10, all information should be in the ELECAM collation center in Yaounde. At this eleve Dr Fokam indicated that the list will be consolidated and made public as per the law including names from the diaspora.
Dr Fokam Azu’u is accompanied in the Northwest tour by Dr Sango Nfosi who is also member of the Electoral commission.
While encouraging everyone to get registered the Chairman noted that after death, the only thing that puts all Cameroonians at the same level with the president of the Republic is voting consequently all should be proud to be part of the process.

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