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Editorial: Let Them Breathe

By Bakah Derick Today, we are observing the International Day of Democracy. This is coming in the face of expanding government control and diminishing press freedom around us. It is imperative that we rise collectively and proclaim the urgent need to let the private press breathe. A robust, independent private press is the lifeblood of any democracy, serving as the voice of the people, exposing corruption, holding power accountable and providing public serviceinformation which those in power largely benefit from. Without freedom for private media outlets, we risk the erosion of democratic principles, the stifling of dissent, and the triumph of authoritarianism.  Photo by European Journalism Observatory  I can only remind us all that the private press has a sacred duty to uphold the truth, free from the shackles of state manipulation and censorship. It acts as a beacon of unbiased reporting, meticulously pursuing the facts, and shining light on hidden agendas. Letting the private pr

World Food Day 2022: Urban gardening recommended as farming space reduces in Bamenda

By Bakah Derick   Bamenda, the regional headquarters of the restive North West Region of Cameroon is experiencing a rapid reduction of farming land. Urbanization is at all time high despite the current armed conflict in the region. Land spaces initially reserved for farming have been reclaimed and are now used as construction sites for housing.  The transportation of food stuff from rural areas has become a major challenge with the ongoing armed conflict as a result of regular road blockages, lockdowns and financial extortion on the way. This does not only lead to increase in food prices but also an increase in perishable rates.  With the increase in food prices and rising inflation, many are turning to alternative sources of food. They still buy from Bamenda's food markets like that of Atua-Azire and Nkwen but not-for-profit nongovernmental organisations like the Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW), Society for the Promotion of Initiatives in Sustainable Dev

Mental Health disorders: sufferers on the rise in Bamenda's streets

By Afanwi Jolenta and Bakah Derick  Bamenda, the Regional capital of the North West of Cameroon is currently experiencing an increase in the number of persons living with mental health issues. It is believed that at the at the dawn of every  day, there is a new person on the streets of the restive city with visible signs of mental health challenges. Many of them are young.  Experts and city dwellers are  attributed this to a rise in drug consumption amongst the youth. Others are of the opinion that some of the sufferers are into cultism in search of wealth. Odette an inhabitant of bamenda says "Many youths today engage  in cults in the name of scamming and have to meet certain unlawful conditions as a result  of unnecessary competition, peer pressure and greed. The youths in an attempt to compete  with their friends end up in sects which is not a good idea as so many of them now move through the streets as mentally unhealthy people when they cannot meet up with the dem

IDUAI 2022: Environmentalist, Inclusion advocate, Journalist make case for an Information Act in Cameroon

By Hilltopvoices  Several voices have expressed the need for an information Act in Cameroon. The need for the public information accessibility tool was expressed during an online event to observe the 2022 International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI) organised by Hilltopvoices Communications Group Ltd.  Lohshie Eugene Velon host of the live stream (in blue) and Chick Sama (in red t-shirt) on Set  While stating that public information should be a right and not a privilege, Wirsiy Emmanuel Binyuy Environmentalist and Director of Cameroon Gender and Environment Watch (CAMGEW) noted that the work of journalists should reflect the local realities. Information users especially the press should angage meaningful information search especially from the grassroots with the hope that an information Act can facilitate the obtaining of information from policy makers. The environmentist recommended effective collaboration between the press and non-profit organisation, net

PWD Bamenda: David Pagou leaves despite impressive record in three years

By Bakah Derick  The departure of multiple title winning coach for PWD Bamenda David Pagou, has been announced. The announcement has been made this Monday 25 July 2022 on the Facebook page of the Abakwa Boys.  David Pagou Former PWD Coach  "PWD Social Football Club of Bamenda has ended it's working relationship with coach David Pagou, on mutual consent, following the expiration of his contract. David Pagou helped to write a beautiful page in our history  and it's with regret that we have reached this difficult decision. David Pagou joined the Abakwa Boys in September 2019, and leave after winning the Elite one championship and the Cameroon cup. We wish Coach David Pagou the best of luck in his professional career. Once an Abakwa Boy, always an Abakwa Boy." The announcement reads  David Pagou during training with PWD Bamenda  The highs  David Pagou arrived Bamenda at the peak of an armed conflict that threatened even the professional football le

UNSCR1325: More Government structures, CSOs subscribe to CAGEAD’s Localisation Model

By Bakah Derick  Government Structures and Civil Society organisations (CSOs) have continued to express their readiness to accompany the Center for Advocacy in Gender Equality and Action for Development (CAGEAD) in the localisation of the United National Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR1325) relating to the involvement of women in the peace building process. Both old and new institutions committed to the CAGEAD localisation model during a one-day capacity building in Bamenda on Wednesday 6 July 2022.  CAGEAD Executive Director Andiensa Clotilda introducing Women, peace and conflict  Talking to , the Executive Director of CAGEAD explained that bringing together women led civil society organisations and government officials was to let them have their own share of knowledge on the UNSCR1325 so as to facilitate the involvement of women in peace building processes.  “We brought especially the local government authorities because they are the ones who

Computer Literacy: CCHRHA launches holiday training for IDPs and War victims

By Nfor Nkfu The Coalition Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Assistance (CCHRHA) has launched a holiday computer training program for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and war victims in Tiko ,South West region. The program according to CCHRHA's Executive President , is tailored to provide the targeted trainees with skills necessary to upgrade professionalism and fight against idleness during holidays. "Our intention is to train some IDPs and war victims on computer studies and upgrade their professional skills in Secretariat work. This is to prepare them for future use" Nchanji Roland Njeba, CCHRHA, Executive President said  He furthered that, "besides, it will go along way to fight against idleness and social crimes in the society. This is part of our sustainable development projects for the youths" Beneficiaries expressed gratitude promising to take the training very seriously for their own good. "I am particu

Cybercrime: ANTIC on offensive in North West as armed conflict sparks increase

By Bakah Derick  The National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ANTIC) is back in the North West region for the second time in less than 10 months for what can arguably be described as an offensive against cybercrime. For three days from Wednesday 22 June 2022, ANTIC authorities and their team of experts will be sharing knowledge with state personnel from regional and divisional delegations as well as related state agencies in an effort to combat rising cybercrime in the region.  ANTIC General Manager, Prof Ebot Ebot Enaw  Talking to on the sidelines of the ongoing seminar, the regional branch manager for ANTIC, Ngwang Yufenyuy Landry admitted that cybercrime in the North West was on the rise adding that there was need for something to be done reason why his institution started with the capacity building seminars.    North West Regional Branch Manager,  Ngwang Yufenyuy Landry  "From the studies we did prior to the

Number plate saga: North West car owners on a cliff

By Shey Godbless  Car owners around the city of Bamenda have been expressing their frustration following decisions by separatist and government on the use of number plates in the city and North West region in general.  Cameroon number plates  Separatists fighting for a new country; Ambazonia with the North West as part of the territory had declared the use of the CEMAC number plates illegal in the region. Since their outing largely on social media as has been the case for over five years now, the CEMAC number plates started disappearing from cars as days went by. Testimonies by car owners with the CEMAC number plate of harassment by armed individuals are many.  In a recent circular letter directed by North West Governor to senior divisional officers in relation to the obligationto to carry a CEMAC number plate, the region's chief administrator writes: "It has been observed with indignation that more and more vehicles are circulating within the North Wes

Cameroon Bar Council: Barrister Mbah Eric Mbah elected 14th President

By Bakah Derick  Barrister Mbah Eric Mbah has been elected president of the Cameroon Bar Council. The current Bar Council President representative for the North West emerged winner of a highly contested election in Yaoundé on Monday 20 June 2022.  Barrister Mbah Eric Mbah New President of the Cameroon Bar Council  The native of Momo Division North West region finished top after vote counts with 1285 votes against Memong Phillipe with 969 votes, Ntoko Justice 210 votes and Titanji Ernest: 75 votes. The 52 years old legal mind happened to be the youngest candidate on the race. During  his campaign, he indicated that some of the laws protecting his colleagues were becoming obsolete just like the basic laws of the council. He advocated for methodic professional development within the law community.  With the mantra "Ubuntu" meaning I am because we are in Zulu, the graduate of the University of Yaounde II Soa hopes to work for the improvement of