National Interpools 2020/2021: End of the road for Far North regional representatives Kohi FC

By Bakah Derick in Limbe

Representatives of the Far Region at this year's National Interpools have become the first team to be shown the matching order out of the competition. Kohi FC of Maroua were eliminated after loosing 1-2 to the Brasseries football school EFBC being Littoral regional representatives on Tuesday September 21 2021. 
Kohi FC of Maroua eliminated

Despite their impressive play, EFBC failed to open score against their opponent but rather scored an own goal by Ibrahim Halilou at the 52nd minute. 

EFBC returned to the competition with an equaliser at the 85th via Mughe Regis. 
EFBC keeps hope alive 

A minute into additional time, Ajuah Nkengafack lodged in goal number two for EFBC making it 2-1. 

EFBC has described the win as a result if effective management of pressure. Despite being led, Stephen Oben Ojonh said his boys stayed calm and concentrated thus playing as planned. Coach Oben however believes that away from winning, the Interpools also offers an opportunity for his trainees to experience competitive football. 

Beaten by Les Amis 1-0 on day one, EFBC rekindled their hopes with the three points snatched from Kohi FC. 

With just a game to go after loosing their opener to Lausanne 2-0, Kohi FC are out of the competition while EFBC nurses hopes of dismantling center regional representatives on the last day of play to stay amongst Elite Two hopefuls in the Limbe pool.