FECAFOOT NW: Officials mute as referees go unpaid since 2019

By Bakah Derick 

Officials of the North West regional league of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) have remained mute despite complains by referees of non payment of their due since 2019. 

According to some referees who spoke to Hilltopvoices (names withheld by us to avoid characteristic victimisation.) they have not received payments since 2019. 

The details we gathered indicate that these men and women who risk their lives in an already risky environment for very little have not received payments for the: 

-last two playing days of the NW regional league 2019/20 season,

- last two playing days NW regional league 2020/21,

- NW Mini-Interpools 2021,  1/2 finals and finals and 

-Cup of Cameroon eliminatries 2021 last 2 playing days not paid.

When we contacted the Secretary  General of the Regional League Elvis Ndi charged with the organisation of competitions, he referred us to his league President. The league president is yet to reply to us after we sent him a message via a messaging application though it was confirmed read. 

The President of the association of referees for the region Jani Benedict on who the officials count is also yet to reply to our interview questions despite receiving questions via a messaging application. 

The football season ended in the North West with Rangers FC Bafut emerging champions and later qualifying for the Elite Two at the close of the National interpools in Bafoussam. 

Generally it has been a good season in the region even with the raging armed conflict but for sure it is not the case for the referees who are still to be completely rewarded for their sacrifices.