FECAFOOT NW: North West Referees President admits debts; says efforts to pay are underway

By Bakah Derick

The President of the association of referees for the North West regional league of the Canefiin Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has admitted that the league owes them some money. 
Jani Benedict NW Referees Association President
Speaking to Hilltopvoices on Thursday 30 September 2021, Jani Benedict explained that the league owed them money but paid part before the start of the 2021 regional interpools. He admitting that some is still to be paid but seemingly does not remember how many days are unpaid. 

"Before the interpools, they tried to pay what they were owing the referees up to the 8th day of play out of 10 if not mistaken. So I know that they are still owning them two days of play. Then for the mini interpools, I know they are still owning them (off course they were few referees) semi finals and finals." Jani Said

The referees leader has however remained hopeful indicating that efforts are underway to settle the debts. 

"I think the President is doing everything in his capacity to see how he will clear the debts. There was a day he even had a rendez vous... was suppose to pay them and there was some mixup somewhere and that was not done and I think that it is in process." Jani added 

While casting doubts over the period of nonpayment we earlier reported, the referees association leader says the current president has been doing his best to ensure that referees are paid and paid well. 

"Mark you that there was a time referees were being paid 2000frs and since he came to office he has increased the money to 10.000frs." He concluded. 

The details we gathered on this subject indicate that these men and women who risk their lives in an already risky environment for very little have not received payments for the: 

-last two playing days of the NW regional league 2019/20 season,

- last two playing days NW regional league 2020/21,

- NW Mini-Interpools 2021,  1/2 finals and finals and 

-Cup of Cameroon eliminatries 2021 last 2 playing days not paid.

The regional league is yet to comment on the matter ..

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