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World Hearing Day 2023: CBC Health Services  Hearing Aid Dispensing Program taking shape -
Disability Inclusion: After 13 years partnership with CBM, CBCHS-SEEPD launches phase two CBID Project -
CBC Health Services: Going beyond denominational lines to meet the needs of PWDs -
Health: CBCHS signs MoU with Public Health Ministry on Data Manager Transfer -
Recognition: CBC Health Services Director receives Life Time Achievement Award in Gold! -
Ear Surgery: CBC Health Services acquires, dedicates equipment for use -
Erectile Dysfunction: ED1000 now available at the Nkwen Baptist Hospital (Mbingo Annex) -
FEHACU 2022: CBC Health Services announce free consultation -
Nkwen Baptist Hospital: Spine, hip surgeries, knee bone replacements others announced -
IDPWDs 2021: CBC Health Services assures of inclusion in all their facilities -
Cameroon Armed Conflict: CBM funds emergency response projects -
CBC Health Services: “We Ring the Bell” campaign goes global  -
CBC Health Services:  Uniting with Foumban Council for Children and Persons with Disabilities -
Inclusive Education: Educate Children with Disabilities -
CBC Health Services Launches Scholarship for Children, Youths with Disability -
Humanitarian Services: NGOs with unmatched actions in the North West Region -
Inclusive Education: CBC Health Services SEEPD program supports Government -
Inclusive Development: CBCHS takes campaign to Far North Cameroon -