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The Cameroon Baptist Convention(CBC) Health Services is noted for its Promotion of the Right to Education for Persons with Disabilities since the 70s. Thus, CBC Health Services’ journey alongside persons with disabilities started three decades back. 


The institution initially began supporting children with disabilities as part of its mission towards vulnerable groups. 


In those early days, the support was essentially limited to health care. Over time, the CBCHS identified other critical challenges faced by persons with disabilities, including education. 


Then, to address the educational needs of persons with disabilities and for ensuring holistic and more strategic responses to the academic gap observed, the CBCHS created in 1981 the Integrated School for the Blind, based in Kumbo, and later in 2001, added the Integrated School for the Deaf in Mbingo.


This is the moment to accompany the CBCHS in this noble mission,




The Story....  




While some children are born with an impairment, others become incapacitated as they journey through life. Aga is one such child. His life aspirations were altered within the twinkle of an eye. The 6th of October 2014 will forever remain indelible in his mind, as little Aga returned from the farm on this fateful day, a tree broke and fell on him!

It was several hours before Aga’s brother could get much-needed help. Though Aga narrowly escaped death, the accident paralyzed his entire body but for his left hand.

“Being an orphan is already tough for any child, being an orphan living with a disability in a community that sometimes forgets that you exist can be unbearable. Yet I am grateful to be alive. I see every day as an opportunity from God to make the world a better place.” Aga brilliantly states.  

Despite his numerous challenges, Aga still has hopes. Before the accident, he dreamt of becoming a medical doctor. Now, he has the earnest desire to become a robotics engineer so that I [he] can produce friendly wheelchairs to help his peers. “If someone could look beyond my disability and give me wings to fly by empowering me educationally, I am sure I can contribute to making the world a better place for all”. 


Like Aga, there are over 1,484,730 vulnerable children with disabilities under the age of 15 in Cameroon who can’t access the current educational spaces, not because of their impairment but because their parents cannot afford the cost of schooling. These children are eagerly waiting for someone to give them a voice and empower them through education. Attending school would not only make them the best versions of themselves but would also enable them to contribute to society as well.

Join the CBC Health Services today in its vision To give every child with a disability in poor communities in Cameroon the opportunity to meaningfully participate in education. 


Children with disabilities remain one of the most excluded groups from education. According to the World Health Organization there are one billion persons with disabilities worldwide, 150 million of whom are children.   The majority of these are children with disabilities from low-income families.  In most cases, these children are considered uneducable. Experience has proven that with the right environment, structures, attitudes, and pedagogic strategies in place these children can and do learn. Learning in mainstream schools alongside their non-disabled peers gives all children the opportunity to realise their educational potential, leading to more inclusive societies where there is mutual acceptance and respect for one another. Besides, education is a key fundamental right for every child across the globe, irrespective of their status.

The desire to enjoy this right is only an illusion to so many children with disabilities because education, especially quality inclusive education is unaffordable.

The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services, a strong advocate for inclusive education and an indispensable partner in matters of education supports the education of children with disabilities in many ways. As one of her strategies to provide quality inclusive education to young Cameroonians with disabilities, the CBC Health Services has set up a scholarship service with the aim of raising funds to support the education of these vulnerable children. 

With your donations, the dreams of thousands of Cameroonian youth with disabilities will come true. Please donate today and transform the life of a child or children with disabilities. Every little counts and helps!

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