Humanitarian Services: NGOs with unmatched actions in the North West Region

This is one of the most vibrant sectors in the North West Region NWR. According to one of our consultants, people from the NWR are generally result and society impact oriented  reason why many engage in activities aimed creating an impact in their communities.
Non Governmental Organisations in the North West Region
This has led to the creation of several non governmental initiatives with many transformed to Non Governmental Organisations NGO or common initiative groups CIGs. Many of these initiatives have suffered a great deal with some loosing key staff due to precipitated death or have abandoned their duty post for fear of the unknown. Notwithstanding, many of these initiatives have continued to carry out activities particularly humanitarian services in hard to reach areas. Today we examine some of these non governmental initiatives better referred to as NGOs. 

Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBCHS 
Prof Tih Pius Muffih Director CBCHS 

Headed by Prof Tih Pius Muffih,  the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBCHS has become a revered Non Governmental Organisation NGO in the North West Region. Initially focused on running just their hospitals and health centers around the region, the CBCHS has become an unmatched actor in almost every part of the society in the region. With the general understanding that a healthy society can ensure the health of individuals, the CBCHS has engaged in areas of inclusive education and development, socioeconomic empowerment of persons with disabilities including state of the arts clubfoot, eye care, mental health care facilities. In the last two years, the institution has been seen spearheading donations for less privileged persons in different places either in response to their needs caused by the armed conflict or the coronavirus pandemic. Their inclusive education projects have given hope to many with disabilities with first of its kind pilot center in Bamenda which serves all including those with mobility, hearing and speaking impairments. The recently incorporated  gender and child protection components have once again illustrated an institution ready to build a holistic society. You can count on the CBCHS as trusted voice on humanitarian actions in the region. 

Mbororo Cultural and Development Association MBOSCUDA


 Sali Django Program Coordinator MBOSCUDA NW

Created in 1992, the Mbororo Cultural and Development Association MBOSCUDA is one of the vibrant Non Governmental Organisations in the region. Initially created with the focus on empowering Mbororo pastoralists, the outfit has stepped out of this focus with the understanding that their primary target cannot  be empowered in isolation. This has given birth to their flagship project Bridging the gab which has emerged as a unifying tool between Mbororo pastoralists and non-Mbororos. Intercultural dialogue is an area the NGO  is investing time and resources in. In collaboration with another standout NGO the North West Farmers Forum NOWEFOR, the project is engaging almost every sector including the media. These are certainly initiatives that are much needed for a peaceful and organised  environment. In achieving real development, there is need for sustainability and equity on the terms of the concerned. This according to MBOSCUDA can improve the economic rights of Mbororos as valued citizens of the country. To realise this, MBOSCUDA is into Human Rights, education, infrastructural development, Women's Empowerment and Networking.

Strategic Humanitarian Services SHUMAS Cameroon 

 Nformi Ndzerem Stephen Director SHUMAS

Born out of the initial desire to help bring many impoverished persons out of poverty in Kumbo Bui Division, Strategic Humanitarian Services SHUMAS CAMEROON is today bringing many out of poverty across the North West Region and Cameroon in general. Starting with humanitarian and simple agricultural projects, activities of SHUMAS Cameroon headed by Nformi Ndzerem Stephen as the General Director now cuts across health, education, sanitation and lots more. With thousands of classrooms constructed across the region and beyond with support from partners like Building Schools for Africa, SHUMAS is a household name which now stands as a trusted facilitator in the construction of cost effective, qualitative and quantitative educational infrastructures with outstanding community support. In the heart of the raging armed conflict, the institution has directed huge resources towards healthcare and humanitarian assistance going to hard to reach areas  with NFIs in an effort to provide for displaced persons in bush settlements. With a team of dedicated staff, SHUMAS was the first NGO in the region to make public information on where and how bush settlements are in the region as a result of the arm conflict. During some of their experience sharing events, many affected by the conflict have showered SHUMAS with praises for assisting them and their host communities.  Their training of persons with disabilities with some skills and donation of startup material as well as scholarship for the training of nurses has in no small way made SHUMAS a top level NGO in region. We could write for the entire day

Hope for the Needy Association HOFNA CAMEROON 

From 2007, Hope for the Needy Association HOFNA CAMEROON has dedicated resources in strengthening the leadership power and voices of women and girls while engaging communities in addressing Gender Based Violence GBV and in preventing and containing radicalisation and violent extremism. For over 13years and counting, the institution led by her Executive Director Christelle Bay Nfor has taken as a mission and executed projects that one could consider impossible from takeoff. In the last two years, HOFNA CAMEROON has assembled over a thousand community leaders, internally displaced women and girls in over five regions of Cameroon for different activities. Not only has the organisation donated Non Food Items NFIs, but has also given them economic development and empowerment skills and startup material. The multiple award winning organisation has also engaged a robust COVID-19 prevention campaign in some communities producing and sharing basic items like face masks, soap, buckets. Added to these donations were trainings on local detergent and soap production. With reputable partners and founders, no successful conversation can take place in the North West Region without mentioning HOFNA CAMEROON. They are doing well despite the crises.


Community Initiative for Sustainable Development COMINSUD

 Fon Nsoh Director COMINSUD

With two of their workers killed as a result of their humanitarian work in the region, it is certain that COMINSUD cannot be taken for granted as concerns their humanitarian engagements. Created in March 1995, COMINSUD is one of the earliest NGOs to have seen the light of day in the North West Region. Led by an innovative Director Fon Nsoh, the organisation has coordinated uncommon initiatives in the region either on their own or through partnerships with other organisations. In the recent past they have been actively involved in providing response to those in need as a result of the armed conflict in the region and the coronavirus pandemic. With the objective of stimulating change with communities, COMINSUD hopes to achieve sustainable development. Their works on gender issues, community inclusion and humanitarian response is testimony of their drive to realise these objectives. Our condolences to COMINSUD following the killing of their workers. It is tough journey.

Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists CAMASEJ NW 

 Ambe Macmillan CAMASEJ NW President

Created in 1992, the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists CAMASEJ is a professional gathering for journalists. Targeting either those practicing with the use of English language or based in the two English Speaking regions of Cameroon, CAMASEJ sets out to uphold and protect the code and ethics of journalists with the view to protecting human rights and democratic values in the country. Currently having Ambe MacMillian Awah as President for the North West Chapter, the institution has made giant moves in the recent past and emerging as the most active branch nationwide. Though a non governmental organisation, CAMASEJ NW has been successfully carrying out activities with funding by members. They have reached out to their members and institutions in the region with COVID-19 support as well as ensuring that members are given due attention when in need. There is no gain saying that the current leadership of CAMASEJ NW has inspired many not only to join but also to be active in the association. With 70 active members and counting CAMASEJ NW is slowly but surely shaping the media landscape in the region. The media has never been this organised in this region. 

Cameroon Community Media Network CCMN

 Rosaline Akah Obah.. President Cameroon Community Media Network CCMN

The institution maybe relatively new but  imprints made have produced outstanding results with uncommon efforts. Specialised in Peace Journalism and Conflict transformation, CCMN is a non governmental organisation in the region like no other. Their objectives are clear and their target audience known. The media men and women who are part of the structure have been unique in their approach to running commentaries on the current armed conflict in the region. If there is a reduction in sensational reporting in the region, CCMN cannot be left out of the list of those to receive credits for the work well done. Led by a passionate Journalist Rosaline Akah Obah, conceived in the South West Region, CCMN has extended to not fewer than five regions of Cameroon with impressive results. The institution has also added her voice to the COVID-19 response efforts with collaborations that have permitted them make donations to communities, media organisations and Their members. CCMN seems to be out for real business.

The Greens

 Ngalim Franklin Promoter The Greens

The environmental protection NGO has for over ten years now been outstanding in environmental protection efforts. From the donation of trees to palaces around the North West Region, community sensitisation through their radio programmes, organisation of football competitions and clean up campaigns, The Greens are on a high speed lane "To paint the world green" as per their key slogan. Named as Cleaned up the world members for 2010, 2011 and 2012, The Greens has continued to target young change markers as principal actions in the environmental protection process. 

Community Development Volunteers for Technical Assistance CDVTA

 Francis Njuakom Director CDVTA
This is one of the Non Governmental Organisations with distinguished community presence in the North West Region. Across various communities in the region, sign boards announcing the presence of a CDVTA Senior Citizen clubs. The advocacy rights based community development charity founded in 1998 by Francis Njuakom was inspired by the need for an ageing policy in Cameroon. While carrying out advocacy activities for the policy to be put in place, CDVTA has successfully created hundreds of Senior Citizens clubs across the region supporting them with micro credits for income generating farming. The satisfaction of the elderly persons with the efforts of CDVTA prior to the start of the current armed conflict in the region was demonstrated every October as thousands of elderly persons traveled to a particular location to celebrate the day. To provide care to grand children of these elderly, CDVTA began constructing schools in some communities with support from Nouvelle Planet a UK based charity. These efforts are all geared towards meeting the NGO's goal of empowering  poor older people and building active and sustainable communities based on social justice and mutual respect. Their core values justify their success this far. 

A good number of NGOs are also doing pretty well in the region amongst them Plan Cameroon, Sisterspeak237, Yems Group, New Breed Africa Foundation, NWADO, CHRAPA, WACameroon, CUAPWD, FOMBILLION, CIfA, CAMGEW, A common Future, Caritas, etc... 

By Bakah Derick