Recognition: CBC Health Services Director receives Life Time Achievement Award in Gold!

Making strides in a hostile environment is what has continued to gain the admiration of the CBC Health Services by the Press in Cameroon. The Director of Health Services’ (DHS) Office in Bamenda is already filled with awards, each telling the wondrous story of the CBC Health Services in few words of appreciation. The recent one, received on January 18, 2023 will need its own space on the shelf to sit and bear witness.
Handing over of award 

In the words of Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, DHS, “Awards from journalists are to be taken seriously because they’re critical people who tell the truth and castigate what is not right”. The DHS remarked that any award at this time is timely to motivate us for working under very challenging atmosphere.
The DHS was reacting to yet, another achievement from the Life Time Media Group in the category of gold. Prof. Tih praised God for helping the staff of CBC Health Services that he leads in achieving the goal and mission of the organization, which is now an attraction to all and sundry. He dedicated the achievement to the staff in consonance to the wish of the Life Time Media Group leader who led his team to Nkwen Baptist Hospital chapel on January 18, 2023 to hand over the award to Prof. Tih during morning devotions.
Explaining the nomination, the Publisher of the Life Time Magazine and Newspaper, Tim Finnian revealed that the CBC Health Services was nominated for Gold for providing quality and affordable health services to local communities by a jury of 25 members comprising lawyers, journalists and civil society. After the nomination, he was designated to go round some of the CBC Health Services’ institutions in Cameroon where he saw quality services, personnel, infrastructure and equipment that are comparable to none in Cameroon, much to the amazement of the jury.
Prof Tih Pius Muffih and collaborators receiving award 

The Life Time Media Group leader clarified that the contributions of housekeepers, yardmen, administrative staff, nurses and doctors in meriting this award were very visible during his tour of the institutions. On this premise, he called on the CBC Health Services workers not to rest on their laurels; instead, the award should encourage them to work harder.
Life Time Magazine publisher Tim Finnian speaking during the event 

It should be noted that the Life Time Achievement Award for Nation Builders ceremony for 2021-2022 was organized in June 2022 in Bafoussam under the distinguished patronage of the Governor of the West region, Fonka Awa Augustine in the absence of Prof. Tih Pius. Given his busy schedule, the Life Time Media Group was honoured to have him this time to receive his award in person.

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