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Waste Management: Bamenda City Authorities beckon population for succour, experts warn against hazards

By Bakah Derick/Nfor Abdurahaman Nyah  Feature In the early 2000s, Bamenda in a national competition was rated Cameroon’s cleanest city. Over 20 years later, the situation is bad. The streets are filthy, mountain size waste is spotted at every turn, outdoor vendors battle for space with waste in markets, city water ways are blocked making floods a regular occurrence.   "At times we are the people who always try to do something like we carry and put and we build, build, build, build until it reach a day that something will happen  they will come and carry." Gemuh Cletus Bamenda City dweller tells  "Cleanliness is next to Godliness and when I look at the Bamenda city, and I see the level of filth, I see the heaps and heaps of garbage that pile rendering the health of the population at risk I feel really disturbed." Prof Tih Pius Muffih Director of CBC Health Services  The defunct Bamenda Urban council was in charge of waste management

World Hearing Day 2023: CBC Health Services Hearing Aid Dispensing Program taking shape

By Bakah Derick  The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services has confirmed efforts towards the effective implementation of the Hearing Aid Dispensing program . The Director of the institution made the remark on Friday 3 March 2023 in a message to commemorate the 2023 edition of World Hearing Day.  Prof Tih Pius Muffih speaking during the 13years partnership closure event between the SEEPD program and CBM  "In response to the increasing demand for hearing aids, the CBC Health Services has initiated a Hearing Aid Dispensing propram. This program will facilitate the procurement, dispensing and management of clients using hearing aids." Prof Tih Pius Muffih said  Recently, the institution acquired and dedicated publicly an equipment for ear surgery and cochlear implantation which according to the director's message constitute an essential part of the program aimed at enhancing access to quality ear and hearing care services in the communities.  "We are eq

Health: CBCHS signs MoU with Public Health Ministry on Data Manager Transfer

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Ministry of Health and the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Health Services for the transfer of a Data Manager (DAMA) to the Ministry.  The ceremony on January 20, 2023, at the Ministry of Health saw the Minister of Health Dr. Manaouda Malachie signing for the Ministry of Health and the Director of CBC Health Services Professor Tih Pius Muffih signing for the CBCHS. DAMA is an electronic version of standard national facility registers and reporting tools developed by the CBC Health Services with support from the #CDC.   DAMA manages data "real-time" for People Living with HIV in Cameroon, a great contribution from #CDC. The Minister has acknowledged that this is one of the great collaborations intended to serve everyone both in the private and public sectors in Cameroon. Created in 1975, CBCHS with over 5000 employees is a Faith-based, Humanitarian and Inclusive Organization that offe

Recognition: CBC Health Services Director receives Life Time Achievement Award in Gold!

Making strides in a hostile environment is what has continued to gain the admiration of the CBC Health Services by the Press in Cameroon. The Director of Health Services’ (DHS) Office in Bamenda is already filled with awards, each telling the wondrous story of the CBC Health Services in few words of appreciation. The recent one, received on January 18, 2023 will need its own space on the shelf to sit and bear witness.   Handing over of award  In the words of Prof. Tih Pius Muffih, DHS, “Awards from journalists are to be taken seriously because they’re critical people who tell the truth and castigate what is not right”. The DHS remarked that any award at this time is timely to motivate us for working under very challenging atmosphere.   The DHS was reacting to yet, another achievement from the Life Time Media Group in the category of gold. Prof. Tih praised God for helping the staff of CBC Health Services that he leads in achieving the goal and mission of the organization, w

Ear Surgery: CBC Health Services acquires, dedicates equipment for use

By Bakah Derick  The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) has acquired a new equipment for ear surgery and cochlear implantation. The Micro Surgery Ear Set was received by the Director of CBCHS Prof Tih Pius Muffih and dedicated for use on Wednesday 18 January 2023 during morning prayers at the Nkwen Baptist Center.  Director of CBCHS, Prof Tih Pius Muffih handing over the Micro Surgery Ear Set to the Medical Officer   Speaking during the event, Dr Bonko Neville of the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department of the Nkwen Baptist Hospital explained that the equipment will facilitate Middle Ear surgeries and surgeries for cochlear implantation. This will also be used to handle hearing complications for new borns.  "This set will be used to handle some problems in the ear in relation to hearing loss.  In the past, we have been able to diagnose patients who have hearing loss especially children who are just being born and some adults but when we co

Erectile Dysfunction: ED1000 now available at the Nkwen Baptist Hospital (Mbingo Annex)

By Bakah Derick  The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) has unveiled a brand new ED1000 for the treatment of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.  The machine was unveiled  on Friday 16 December 2022 at the Nkwen Baptist Hospital popularly referred to as Mbingo annex in Bamenda by the Director of health services Prof Tih Pius Muffih  Prof Tih Pius Muffih Director of CBCHS and collaborators during the dedication  The machine which came into use in 2010 is the first and only therapy that addresses the cause of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction using  Shockwave technology.  According to Prof Tih Pius, the ED1000 will provide an effective solution to issues relating to erectile dysfunction and by so doing keeping families together.  Enter the ED1000  What is ED1000? ED1000 is a small device that delivers soundwaves called low intensity shockwaves to the penis and stimulates receptor  repair and development of new blood vessels to help

International Nurses Day 2022: CBC Health Services top management celebrates nurses

By Bakah Derick  International Nurses Day 2022: CBC Health Services top management celebrates nurses  The top management of the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services CBCHS has celebrated nurses working within the establishment and beyond. The symbolic yet significant event took place at the Baptist Center Nkwen on Tuesday May 12 observed worldwide as international nurses day.  CBC top management with nurses (Photo credit CBCHS Facebook page)  Speaking on behalf of the  management, the Director Prof Tih Pius Muffih challenged the nurses to continue working as a team. While thanking the medical personnel who make up 30% of the workforce under him, the Director recognised their commitment and resilience in the heart of an armed conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to Prof Tih Pius, the nurses as frontline personel have lived up to expectation  especially during the COVID-19 era. On the theme "nurses; a voice to lead-invest in nursing and respect rights to