Local Development: Bamenda III Council to complete tarring of feeder road to new road from upstation

By Bakah Derick 

The Mayor of the Bamenda III Council has announced plans to complete  the tarring of the mile four-New road stretch passing through the Council premises. Fongu Cletus Tanwe made the announcement on Wednesday 4 May 2022 during the administrative and management accounts session of his Council.
Road to be completed from the Council premises 

Accoridng to the municipal leader, the tarring of the road from Mile four to the Council premises shall decongest the main roads in the municipality and be of better service to his people if it is linked with the new-road from upstation. The Mayor disclosed that all is set for the works to begin including the construction of  culverts to ensure an appropriate drainage system along the road. 

The announcement which came almost at the end of the session received an uncommon reception with the councilors who hitherto had been tough in the examination of the mayor's administrative and management accounts for 2021. 
Mayor Fongu Cletus speaking during the session 

With the explanations provided by the finance committee which revealed an unusual investment of 60% as against 40% for the funtional budget, the Councilors gave Mayor Fongu a 100% vote in approval of his collection and expenditure of the 2021 budget. 

Talking to hilltopvoices, Councilors Ngufor Regina, Rita Ndiagang, George Muforza, Abdu, Samuel Mbuya, expressed their satisfaction with the work done by Mayor Fongu Cletus despite the ongoing armed conflict in the region involving the municipality. 

Lucas Ngu Afong representing the Bamenda City Council (BCC) congratulated the Bamenda III Council for their outstanding achievements in the recent past and promised the councilors that efforts were underway to handle the rising problem of waste management in the city. He regretted that the contract of the cleaning company had come to an end but that there were efforts to put things in place. 
View of Councilors in session 

Prior to the voting, the Mayor explained to the Councilors that he got funds from state and others sources to tge tune of slightly over 716M FCFA which permitted him to tar and rehabilitate roads, extend the council water scheme to other quarters, engage projects like bridges with about 15 ongoing, provide electricity amongst others.

 Apart from the construction of the road from the Council linking the new-road, Bamenda three plans to continue with the rehabilitation and construction of classrooms, bridges, roads and extention of water.