Parliamentary action: Hon. Agho Oliver makes sleeping comfortable for 77-Year-Old constituent

By Bakah Derick with reports 

The member of parliament for Bafut-Tubah Hon. Agho Oliver has made an unusual donation intended to make sleeping or resting comfortable for a 77-year-old woman in Bafut subdivision part of his constituency. 
Before was Mama Monica's bed and after is the new bed from Hon Agho Oliver. 

The action on Sunday 3 April 2022 was the donation of a complete  bed to the woman who lost her husband some years back and has been living in a very bad condition lacking almost everything including where to comfortably sleep when the need arises. . 

Mama Lum Monica, who lives in Njibujang- Bafut could not prevent tears of joy from flowing as she received her complete brand new bed. The well made  bed, mattress, pillows, bed sheets/spreads and blankets were handed by authorities of the community-based foundation; Vision for Hope. 
Mama Monica on her new bed for the first- time 

The leader of the foundation Juliana Sirri reached out to the member of parliament after discovering the poor conditions under which the widow was living. 

Receiving her items practically in tears, Mama Monica who had almost given up on life expressed her surprise with care from the Member of Parliament who has given her a new light of hope. 
Presenting the donation to Mama Monica, Juliana Sirri and team of volunteers thanked God for the donor and wished God would continue to use him to change the lives of others in Bafut and elsewhere, who live under despondent and deplorable conditions, for no fault of theirs.
The items donated to Mama Monica before mounting 

Echoeing the wisdom of the old, Juliana was of the opinion that 'one person caring about another represent life's greatest value', and that Agho Oliver was definitely that person. 

Without wasting time, her team of volunteers immediately went to work, dismantling the deteriorated bamboo bed, discarding with the old bedbug breathing beddings, cleaning and disinfecting the home, before adorning it with the newly furnitured bed.
Juliana Sirri of Vision of Hope

In response to this parliamentary magnanimity, the widow thank God Almighty for making her smile again after years of living in deplorable conditions and abandonment. 

She saw in Hon. Agho Oliver and Vision for Hope organization, the husband to widows and the destitutes and prayed God to continue to replenish and protect their sources.

Neighbours were genuinely happy a good samaritan being their parliamentarian had done the one thing needful-putting a smile on the face of an old widow.