Mbum Fons Crown Barrister Dieudonne Nfor, Ta Tamfuh.

By Nfor Nkfu.

Barrister Dieudonne Nfor,Member of Cameroon and Nigerian Bar Associations has been decorated with the traditional title,'Ta Tamfuh'. This was March 30th, 2022 at the close of a meeting of traditional rulers in Nkambe that ended with the formation of the Wimbum Fons Union.
Ta Tamfuh Barrister Dieudonne Nfor being decorated 

'Ta Tamfuh' is a traditional title in the Wimbumland bestowed on strong members of the 'Nfuh' society,a defense arm of the traditional administration.

"He was chosen by the Wimbum people to draw up a constitution for the Fons Union and he accomplished it so well",Said the Fon of Tallah, HRH Kimbi Kamanda, Pioneer President of Wimbum Fon's Union .

"In the name of Wimbum Fons,I Crown you,'Ta Tamfuh', to preside the 'Nfuh' society", the Fon said, decorating the Man of Law.
Decorated Ta Tamfuh Barrister Dieudonne Nfor.

The man of Law has  now joined the ranks of traditional title holders.

Ta Tamfuh Barrister Dieudonne Nfor is a former president of Wimbum Students Union.A lawyer by profession he was delegated to head a commission charged with the drafting of a constitution for the newly created Wimbum Fons Union.The thirty three-member Fons Union has as pioneer president,Fon Kimbi Kamanda of Tallah who is also head of Tang Clan.