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FECAFOOT: Samuel Eto'o to chair first Executive Committee meeting at the helm today

  By Bakah Derick The recently elected president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) is expected to chair the first executive committee meeting of the football governing body today. Samuel Eto'o Fils FECAFOOT President  Elected on Saturday 11 December 2021, Samuel Eto'o Fils meets with his executive committee for the first time 11 days later.  Speaking to Equinox TV, Henry Njalla said the EXCOM meeting will be to rollout the new plan for the FA and get to work. He admitted that the challenge is huge and they must not fail. He invited all Cameroonians and football lovers in particular to contribute in their respective ways to ensure the renaissance of Cameroon Football.  The FECAFOOT strongman and his team will be expected to send out defining resolutions at the close of today's executive committee amonsgt which could be the appointment of the Secretary General of the FA as well as departmental heads.  Samuel Eto'o Fils in sky blue with

FECAFOOT Elections: North West delegates suffering threats over election choices

By Bakah Derick  North West Delegates to the 2021 elective general assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) are said to be under serious threats.  Hilltopvoices has gathered that messages and pictures are currently circulating on social media messaging applications suggesting that North West delegates moved away from positions they were expected to stay unto.  While others are accusing the delegates for voting Samuel Eto'o the winner of the elections, others say they voted Seidou Mbombo Njoya.  Some of the messages Hilltopvoices has claim that the delegates from the North West received money to the tune of 1MFCFA from the the candidate they turned their backs to with a firm request for a refund.  On the eve of elections, Hilltopvoices must establish that the delagates could not be reached on phone. No justification of their unavailability has been made public but it is either their phones were jammed or collected. We cannot confirm who did.  We are gather

FECAFOOT Elections: Chi Ivo satisfied with outcome, takeoff of new President, commit to working for results

By Bakah Derick  Long time supporter of Samuel Eto'o Fils, UEFA B licenced coach, Jurist, promoter and player agent has expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the Saturday 11 December 2021 elective general assembly of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) in Yaounde.  A fulfilled Chi Ivo  Talking to Hilltopvoices on Tuesday 14 December 2021, a visibly fulfilled Chi Ivo described the election of Samuel Eto'o Fils at the helm of FECAFOOT as an uncommon milestone for the betterment of Cameroon Football.  "Like every Cameroonian you saw on the streets, I feel happy, i feel satisfied, I fill fulfilled. It is a genuine feeling of fulfillment within me because my heart desire for Cameroon football was granted last Saturday. I am happy I contributed adequately for this achievement." Chi said  Chi Ivo in transfer of Cameroonian international to Angers On Monday 13 December 2021, Samuel Eto'o Fils was at the football association (FA) he

FECAFOOT Election voices in Bamenda: "...from the NW région, I fear Nothing drastic will change for us." Abongwa Fozo journalist and media promoter

I think change is good in any situation. Here we have change and hope that there will be a different approach as to how things are done.  As a lover of the game from the NW région, I fear Nothing  drastic will change for us. The under development of sporting infrastructures in the region is more of institutional bias against the region than an issue of individuals.  Whether it's Eto'o or Seidou, or somebody else, these issues may still continue.  I can't imagine that with 24 modern Stadia constructed in the country not a single one is constructed in the Northwest with four elite teams.  I am hoping for the best but I still have a lot of reservation on the treatment of the NW region

FECAFOOT Elections voices across Bamenda: "I am optimistic" Neba Jerome Sports Reporter

Samuel Eto'o's win as President of FECAFOOT to me represents a bright future for football stakeholders in the North West Region, For players and football lovers. When you look at his rich plan of action if implemented, the young boys who have been playing football with nothing to write home as finances are concerned will be able to make their families smiles. The investors will laugh whereas fans will be happy to go to the field. I believe Samuel Eto'o will market our local games by doing so, good infrastructures will be provided for us in the North West Region that has nothing to write home about that sector. To conclude, he knows everything about the difficulties these football stakeholders go through, and I am optimistic that within a year in office, his actions will start speaking

FECAFOOT Elections voices across Bamenda: "We will have an improved regional championship and divisional championship" Nji Nelson football writer

I think the victory of Samuel brings a completely new dimension to the way things will unfold not only in the region but the entire country. His victory brings a new impetus to our football. I am one of those who said from the beginning of this process that Samuel has a very juicy project for Cameroon's football and I believe with all the support he has at the beginning he is going to do something very significant for our football. With the right persons around him and if he implements his projects, we will enjoy football in this country. Therefore, we expect to see a new dynamism in the management of our football. In the North West region, our case is special because of the context we find ourselves with. From what I know, I am confident the North West will be one of the first to benefit from the stadiums promised by Eto'o. During a cocktail with some football stakeholders organized by the Regional President to celebrate the victory of Eto'o, the Re

FECAFFOT Election voices across Bamenda: "We have a football manager who is not coming to make money." Pierre Anoufack Journalist and Tourism promoter..

Eto'o's win for me represents hope in various aspects: Firstly at last a renouned footballer to manage football business at the helm. Therefore we count on his personality to engage into national and international partnership for the development of the discipline including sport infrastructure especially in the NW region that has been silent for so long. Secondly, We have a football manager who is not coming to make money. He already has enough and just need more honor added to what he acquired in the various stadia across the world. Therefore the numerous fallout from the federation will serve the football and not individuals. Thirdly,  Footballers finally have the opportunity to be recognized in their own country. The mobilization of almost all the former stars around the new president is clear indicator.

FECAFOOT Election voices across Bamenda: "Having a woman as 1st Vice President gives me hope.." Wanchia Cynthia Journalist

I maybe too quick with my assumption but Eto'os win already represents a befitting stadium for me, taking into consideration the Northwest has five teams at the level of the Professional league without a playing field. It also gives me hope looking at his campaign manifesto about a change in the management of football and careers of the main actors being footballers both at the local, national and international level. Having a woman as 1st Vice President gives me hope that women's football will take a new twist because Celine Eko knows better than anyone that our female championships deserve same attention given to the male championship in all aspects

FECAFOOT Election Voices in Bamenda: "The beginning of a new Dawn" Joe Dinga Promoter Bamenda FC

Beginning of a new Dawn where discrimination, incompetency, corruption, vindictiveness,  and hypocrisy will be thrown out of the door. A new Dawn where equality, meritocracy and togetherness as one will be our watch word. Above all the name Eto'o as has been the case in the past during all his life symbolizes success at all levels within the football domain in Cameroon. Eto'o and Joe Dinga... Promoter of Bamenda FC Cameroon football will rise to the top of the world stage where it belongs and with it will come genuine progress and success of football within NW, LT, SW, CE, East and all other regions of Cameroon. Eto'o is a champion and a blessed child of God who turns anything that touches his hands into Gold . We have entrusted Cameroon football into the hands of a champion who will revolutionize football in a way that have never been seen in Africa  NW have it's own peculiar needs, Eto'o is aware and for a fact will

FECAFOOT Elections: North West in her pain joins nation to celebrate Samuel Eto'o

By Bakah Derick  The football community and more across Cameroon have been celebrating the election of Samuel Eto'o Fils as the new President of Cameroon's football governing body.  Pictures have been circulating on social media from across the country as the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) got the new leader on Saturday 11 December 2021 during the institution's general assembly in Yaounde.  Pictures have emerged from funeral receptions that turned to bigger parties following the announcement of Samuel's victory.   The North West football community is part of celebrations In drinking spots, joints and homes. Their reactions center around the same issues.  "I think the victory of Samuel brings a completely new dimension to the way things will unfold not only in the region but the entire country. His victory brings a new impetus to our football. I am one of those who said from the beginning of this process that Samuel has a very juicy project for

FECAFOOT Elections Day: North West goes the apposite way again as Samuel Eto'o wins

By Bakah Derick Delegates from the North West Regional league of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) have made another electoral mistake. They had opening declared their their support for incumbent Seidou Mbombo Njoya in a declaration signed by the league President.  North West delegates ahead of voting Following elections this Saturday 11 December 2021, Samuel Eto'o Fils got a convincing win of 43 to 31 votes against Seidou Mbombo Njoya.  Hilltopvoices has it on good authority that in December 2018, the North West delegation after a late night meeting settled for Joseph Antoine Bell. He will later be beaten by Seidou Mbombo Njoya one of the many reasons the region has been left in the dark in the last three years.  A crowd in one of halls during counting as tension mounted  We shall not waste your precious time with how much the North West delegation has gone too and fro on which candidate to back but the final decision announced in Garoua has gone

FECAFOOT Elections Day: North West delegates multiply meetings

By Bakah Derick The six delegates representing the regional league of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) at the institution's general assembly this Saturday 11 December 2021.  North West Delegate concerting Within the early hours of the day, they were hardly seen together. Prior to the resumption of deliberations, they meet this time six as they have been commissioned by the regional general assembly of Monday 1 November 2021.  They greeted us with a smile as they returned making it difficult to conclude on the state of their minds.  We are however humbled by the fact that Yoye Blaise one of the delegates is representing the region with pride. His Toghu is conspicuous enough to be seen by all.  Debates are intense. 

FECAFOOT Elections: "I love Eto. He has been blessed to bless" Famous NW politician.

By Bakah Derick  A famous politician in the North West Region has expressed the wish to see Samuel Eto'o Fils take leadership of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT). In a  three page document titled ETO FILS IS THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR THE FECAFOOT PRESIDENCY AS OF NOW, Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD is categorical about his position.  "That is why we have had so many scandals, several commissions to administer the crippling house driven by bad governance, corruption, no accountability and a sweet tooth for a soft life with nothing to show. This has been a good example of our collective failure in many other sectors of our nation. We have weevils that eat the corn from the inside."  He states  Here is the complete document 

AFCON 2021 Cameroon: Eto'o, others induce Presidency Chief Scribe to playing football as fact-finding mission turns sweet

By Bakah Derrck  Pictures of the Minister of State, Secretary  General at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh playing football with retired football big names have been circulating on social media since October 16, 2021.  The Presidency Chief Scribe and the retired football hotshots played together in Douala at the Bonamoussadi training facility and the celebrated pitch of the Japoma sports complex.  At the Bonamoussadi training facility, four times African best player award winner Samuel Eto'o is seen in a ball control run with the Minisyer of State Secretary General.  In very stylish form, the two men share smiles that portray a pair with much familiarity and desire to "play" together.  In what looked like a remake of history at the Japoma, the SG is seen in a position of ball expectation in a semi circle to the goal post as Eto'o controls from the other end with El Hadji Diouf of Senegal, Cameroon and Africa's

FECAFOOT Elections: Club promoters, Politicians, Referees, others line-up for fierce North West contest

By Bakah Derick  The Electoral Committee of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has published the names of persons aspiring for various positions at the regional boards and representatives at the federal levels of the Football Association (FA). The list not dated circulating on social media signed by Gilbert Schlick president and three other members of the committee includes a list of 17 persons from the North West (NW) aspiring for positions into regional executive committee or delegate to the general assembly of the FA.  The North West as published  For President, the committee approved the candidatures of Chi Ivo and Felix Mbigha. The only thing both men share is the fact that they are club promoters. While Chi Ivo is completely a product of football at every level with a career as player agent, coach, manager etc,  Mbigha Felix is a politician and Mayor heading one of the councils in Bamenda. The later is also the incumbent.  Neba George Shu and Jephter Pase are

Sultan Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya passes on: Samuel Eto'o mourns 'father', great sports man and King

By Bakah Derick The former captain of the senior men's National Football team of Cameroon has addressed an affectionate tribute to the Sultan and King of the Bamouns who passed on in the early hours on Monday 27 September 2021.  Describing the fallen former minister of Sports and President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) his potential predecessor, as "our father", the four times African player of the year award winner notes "A veil of sadness and emotion has seized me since the announcement of the death of our father: His Majesty Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, Sultan of the Bamouns."   The FECAFOOT presidential aspirant sees more to the passing on of the monarch.  "With the death of the Bamoun monarch, our country has lost a visionary king who was close to his people, a library, and a buffer for our common life. My affliction is also personal. I had the privilege to drink from the source of the immense wisdom of this man of peace." He

FECAFOOT Elections: Samuel Eto'o presidential candidate calls on FIFA for vigilance in four page missive

By Bakah Derick  Aspirant for the post of President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) has addressed a four page missive to the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) calling for vigilance as the electoral process of the Fooball Association (FA) goes underway  Samuel Eto'o The letter addressed to the Secretary general of FIFA Fatma Samoura on the 21 of September 2021 according to the author Samuel Eto'o Fils has as objective "to call your attention and vigilance on some facts and actions being carried out by current officials that can discredit the electoral process at FECAFOOT and constitute offences that could lead to the cancellation of the said process."  The three part epistle to FIFA handles; what could constitute offences, actions contrary to sports ethics and public moral as well as violations of FECAFOOT and National laws.  Amongst the many issues raised, Samuel Eto'o is worried about the quality of delegates for

Breaking News: Bamenda's Chi Ivo backs out of FECAFOOT presidential race, Supports Eto'o, Scores Seidou's tenure

Interview published by A few minutes after the announcement, our editorial staff got in touch with the international player's agent to get his opinion on the officialization of Samuel ETOO's candidacy. Chi Ivo   You wanted to be a candidate for FECAFOOT, is it still the case after the announcement of Samuel ETOO's candidacy? Thanks for the question. Indeed NO! I cannot submit my candidacy following Samuel's. It is truly impossible for me to apply against him since I think it is the best choice Cameroon can have in the history of the presidency of FECAFOOT. If it was not the case I would be a candidate and I think that after him I am the best candidate for this position. He is talented and he has all the experience to bring our football into a glorious time. I'm never going to go against or face Samuel in an election. I am very happy and today is a great day for me because I and my Cameroonian brothers managed to convince Samuel to apply.

FECAFOOT ELECTIONS: Full text of that compelling declaration by Samuel Eto'o

FECAFOOT 2021 ELECTIONS: DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY Dear friends, am honoured and pleased to announce my candidacy for the Presidency of the Cameroon Football Federation. After caretul consideration, I have decided to take this initiative out of love for Cameroon and passion for our football.  To me, It would be an honour to be at the service of the establishment that has bestowed upon me the acoolades I have received so far. I stand before you on this special occasion becaune time is af the essence, Waiting is not an option. It is time to rebuild our football, We Can no longer delay the revamping of our number one sport because the rest of the world is moving on: it is progressing without us In a few months, our country will host the African Cup of Nations. In addition to welcoming players and supporters trom sister African countries, as well as journalists and tourists from all over the world, it will equaly be an opportunity to present to the world the incredible pool of t

Breaking News: Samuel Eto'o finally makes the big announcement

By Bakah Derick Samuel Eto'o has made public his intention to run for the office of President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT). The former captain of Cameroon's national team, two times winner of the African Nations Cup (AFCON) and Olympic games gold medalist for Cameroon made public his intention during the evening hours of Tuesday September 21, 2021.  "YES " Samuel Eto'o said on his Social media accounts publishing an imaged document announcing his candidature.  Born on the March 10, 1981, the record four times winner of the African player of the year award, President of the Eto'o foundation has featured on the list of candidates as delegate to the Littoral regional league from the Sanaga Maritime division.  After being cleared of a possible double nationality hindrance, one of the world's best striker of all times according to pundits has been pictured recently with many State leaders around Africa in what has been described as