FECAFOOT Elections voices across Bamenda: "We will have an improved regional championship and divisional championship" Nji Nelson football writer

I think the victory of Samuel brings a completely new dimension to the way things will unfold not only in the region but the entire country. His victory brings a new impetus to our football.
I am one of those who said from the beginning of this process that Samuel has a very juicy project for Cameroon's football and I believe with all the support he has at the beginning he is going to do something very significant for our football.

With the right persons around him and if he implements his projects, we will enjoy football in this country.

Therefore, we expect to see a new dynamism in the management of our football.

In the North West region, our case is special because of the context we find ourselves with. From what I know, I am confident the North West will be one of the first to benefit from the stadiums promised by Eto'o.

During a cocktail with some football stakeholders organized by the Regional President to celebrate the victory of Eto'o, the Regional President gave me that assurance and we also had time to discuss with the National President via a live video call and he said our stadium is coming. Samuel is one person who doesn't say what he cannot do. Bamenda will smile soon, that I am sure of.

I believe we will have an improved regional championship and divisional championship in the region and youth football will also witness an improvement from what we had before.

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