Breaking News: Bamenda's Chi Ivo backs out of FECAFOOT presidential race, Supports Eto'o, Scores Seidou's tenure

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A few minutes after the announcement, our editorial staff got in touch with the international player's agent to get his opinion on the officialization of Samuel ETOO's candidacy.
Chi Ivo
You wanted to be a candidate for FECAFOOT, is it still the case after the announcement of Samuel ETOO's candidacy?

Thanks for the question. Indeed NO! I cannot submit my candidacy following Samuel's. It is truly impossible for me to apply against him since I think it is the best choice Cameroon can have in the history of the presidency of FECAFOOT. If it was not the case I would be a candidate and I think that after him I am the best candidate for this position. He is talented and he has all the experience to bring our football into a glorious time. I'm never going to go against or face Samuel in an election. I am very happy and today is a great day for me because I and my Cameroonian brothers managed to convince Samuel to apply. No I could never go against Samuel in an election.

Samuel ETOO is a blessing for Cameroon and we have nothing else to do but support him and I ask all the other candidates and all those who want to be a candidate to join him to help him be the best president that FECAFOOT can know and that we have ever had. I repeat, Samuel ETOO is a blessing for us and for Cameroon. I will be honest with you, there is no doubt about this election, because the only way for Samuel to lose this election is to see Mbombo Njoya and his team rig or manipulate this one. They have already started to manipulate this election and do some wrong things and he knows who Samuel ETOO is.

It started with the North West and other areas. Mbombo Njoya can never win an election in football against Samuel ETOO, since I don't think he knows football or what an offside in football is. It is time for those who know football and who have sacrificed their sight for football to lead this and Cameroon must welcome Samuel's candidacy today.

Do you think Samuel will be able to win this election against Mbombo Njoya?

Chi Ivo campaign pictures 

Samuel ETOO by declaring his candidacy is automatically Winner. The only way for Mbombo Njoya to win this election against ETOO is to rig and steal it. He just has to organize everything in the wrong direction as he knows so well to stay in this position because Samuel ETOO by announcing his candidacy has already won this election. Mbombo Njoya cannot cheat and rig this election to win ETOO but I can tell you that I will support Samuel. I call on everyone to put 100% in to support it. He is the right candidate to change our football.

Several presidents around the world are asking for his advice to improve the quality of football in their countries and we are fortunate to have him with us. We must therefore take advantage of his experience and his address book.

Does he have what it takes to manage FECAFOOT?

It is a gift for Cameroonian football to have ETOO as a candidate because not only does he have everything you need but he is also everything you need for Cameroonian football. We no longer want to have children of former minister who do not know what football is and who are only there to put on jackets and go take trophies, take the flights every day to be seen in the ceremonies and the like, which are just there for pictures. Cameroonian football must be managed by competent people and thank God Samuel announced his candidacy. Just by declaring he has already won. Except that the team in place now will do what it can do best, which is to steal and manipulate to stay in place and it is sad to see a man like Mbombo Njoya do what he does there to hope to beat a soccer idol. He knows there is nothing he can do about Samuel and that he is more competent than him in every way. The next time you meet Mbombo Njoya ask him if he knows what it is to be offside in football. He doesn't know that he doesn't know anything but he wants to stay there because he has nothing else to do. He didn't do anything in our football. Wake up Cameroonians, let's take our destiny and our football in hand. Competent people have to manage our football and Samuel ETOO is a gift to us. 

 What is your assessment of FECAFOOT over the past 3 years?

There is no record. Mbombo Njoya has no balance sheet to present! Except that he has lost everything every time he has been in court. He did nothing for football, look at the championship he spent his time challenging the general and his minister. He spends his time in the lion camps… They don't need to see him. He doesn't speak with the players and they are tired of seeing him in the locker room before games. His job is to go to the locker room of the various national teams to take photos for Facebook. Cameroonian football does not need that! You need someone who angers how to manage and manage football and it is not him because he does not know anything about the sport.
The only thing he can do is manipulate and defraud and he is currently in his element. He is professional in this. If he was my big brother I should never learn anything from him because it is a shame and a shame to have such a man who manages Cameroonian football.
I'm ashamed to say that this kind of person runs our football

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