Bamenda III Gears Up for 2024 Inclusive Football Tournament

Preparations are in full swing for the 2024 edition of the Bamenda III Council Royal Inclusive Football Tournament which is one of the highly anticipated event that promises to bring the municipality together in the spirit of sportsmanship and entertainment. This year’s tournament, scheduled to last just over a month, is set to kick off in July and will feature teams rooted in various quarters within the municipality.
Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe addressing the general assembly 

During the recent general assembly on Thursday 20 June 2024, the main sponsor of the tournament, Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe, emphasized the importance of discipline and fair play. 

"We want this tournament to be a celebration of our community’s unity and talent. It is important that all participants adhere to the highest standards of discipline to ensure a successful and orderly competition. Cheating and fraud will not be tolerated under any circumstances." Mayor Fongu told the general assembly 

The assembly also served as a platform to review last year’s tournament, which was widely regarded as successful. However, there were calls for further improvements. One significant recommendation was that each participating team should have a strong connection to a local quarter and commit to undertaking a community project if they win the trophy. This initiative aims to enhance the tournament's impact beyond the football field and foster a sense of civic responsibility among the participants.
View of the general assembly 

The head of the organizing committee, echoed the Mayor’s sentiments on maintaining the integrity of the competition. "Our goal is to uphold the values of fairness and transparency throughout the tournament. We are dedicated to creating an environment where every player can compete on a level playing field," Boris said. "We have learned valuable lessons from previous editions and are implementing stricter measures to combat any form of misconduct."

In a move to reinforce discipline, some players who participated last year have been suspended for the upcoming tournament due to disciplinary issues.

The Bamenda III Council is investing over 2.5 million FCFA in this year’s tournament, ensuring that youths, including women and children, have access to entertainment during the long holidays. 

The Bamenda III Council Royal Inclusive Football Tournament, now in its third decade, has a storied history of drawing massive crowds to Niboung Nkwen. Originally sponsored by Hon. Fobi Nchinda in honor of the Fon of Nkwen, the Bamenda III Council took over sponsorship duties several years ago, continuing the legacy of this beloved local event.
Mayor Fongu Cletus with members of the organizing committee 

As the kickoff date approaches, anticipation is building among the residents of Bamenda III. The tournament not only offers thrilling football matches but also serves as a reminder of the community’s resilience and unity. With enhanced measures for discipline and a renewed focus on community impact, the 2024 edition promises to be the best yet.

Mayor Tanwe concluded his remarks with a challenge to the organizing committee: "Let us set a new standard for excellence this year. Together, we can make the 2024 Royal Inclusive Football Tournament  source of pride for our municipality." He told The Hilltop Mail 

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