SHUMAS Cameroon Celebrates 27 Years of Impactful Community Interventions

In a modest gathering in Bamenda on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, Strategic Humanitarian Services (SHUMAS) Cameroon commemorated its 27th anniversary. The event, attended by top management, staff, and special guests, provided a moment for reflection on SHUMAS' remarkable journey of service and transformation.
SHUMAS Cameroon Director General, Close collaborators and staff cutting anniversary cake

Addressing the attendees, Mformi Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka, the Director General of SHUMAS, took a nostalgic journey down memory lane, recalling the organization's humble beginnings. "Starting as a teacher with a modest salary," he reminisced, "I witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by my community, particularly in the areas of basic needs, infrastructure, and poverty alleviation."

Driven by a deep-seated commitment to effect positive change, Mformi Ndzerem  embarked on a mission to address these pressing issues. From establishing a grain mill to ease the burden of corn grinding, to spearheading initiatives to improve infrastructure like bridges and organic farming practices, SHUMAS swiftly emerged as a source of hope for countless individuals across Cameroon.
SHUMAS Director General, Mformi Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka addressing event

Reflecting on the organization's early struggles, Njodzeka recounted the scarcity of resources and technological limitations. "In those early days," he shared, "we faced significant challenges, including a lack of computers and internet access. Yet, through resilience and determination, we persevered."

Despite the obstacles, SHUMAS flourished, thanks in part to the dedication of its staff and volunteers. Njodzeka expressed gratitude to those who selflessly sacrificed their time and efforts for the greater good.
SHUMAS Cameroon Programs Coordinator, Billian Nyuykiyhan addrssing event 

Billian Nyuykiyhan, the Programs Coordinator, emphasized SHUMAS' commitment to holistic staff development, noting the organization's role in shaping the careers of countless professionals.

Guest speaker and media professional Jato Richard Tonga lauded SHUMAS for its dedication to results and its people-centered approach under Mformi's leadership.
SHUMAS Cameroon board of trustees after one of their meetings in 2023. 

Speaking to The Hilltop Mail, Mformi Ndzerem Stephen Njodzeka highlighted SHUMAS' significant achievements, including the construction and equipping of over 1000 classrooms nationwide, expanding access to education for thousands of children amongst others.
Donation of science laboratories

Looking to the future, The Director General  reaffirmed SHUMAS' readiness to sustainable development, particularly in light of the ongoing armed conflict in the region. He emphasized the organization's shift towards humanitarian response, early recovery, and resilience-building initiatives aimed at empowering communities for long-term prosperity through income generation activities.
SHUMAS Cameroon constructed in Mayo Danay, Far North Region of Cameroon 

Expressing gratitude to longstanding partners such as Manos Unidas, Building Schools for Africa, and the World Food Programme, UNICEF amongst others, Mformi Ndzerem Stephen underscored SHUMAS' commitment to transparency and accountability in project implementation reason for which the organization is enjoying these partnerships. 

As SHUMAS charts its course for the future,the Director General remains focused on building a robust succession system to ensure the organization's continued impact and sustainability.
SHUMAS Cameroon Labour Medal award event 

Established in 1993 and legalized in 1997, SHUMAS Cameroon now stands as a leading force in integrated sustainable rural development, touching the lives of countless individuals across Cameroon through interventions in the areas  of healthcare, education, water and sanitation, social welfare, environmental protection and management, women empowerment, agriculture and volunteerism.  

With its special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, SHUMAS continues to serve as a catalyst for positive change in communities nationwide, embodying the spirit of compassion and resilience.

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