Artist Jato Sonita Spreads Message of Conservation, Unity During Visit to DRC

In a message shared on her Facebook page, rising Bamenda based artist Jato Sonita bid farewell to her beloved Forest family in Bamenda as she embarked on a journey to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The post was filled with the anticipation and purpose behind her visit, promising a meaningful endeavor in the heart of Afric.
"I spent my last minutes with my beautiful Forest family as I prepare for my trip to Congo Kinshasa," she wrote, expressing gratitude for the support and love she received from her community. Amidst prayers, songs, and discussions, Jato Sonita hinted at a special message she carried within her, destined to resonate far and wide.
Upon arrival, Jato Sonita found herself amidst a gathering of international artists, including Eleanor Dubinsky, convened by the US Ambassador to Congo Kinshasa, H.E Lucy Tamlyn. Their mission: to uplift spirits and advocate for positive change while shining a spotlight on the precious Congo Basin. The stage was set, quite literally, as they graced the Ambassador's residence with their talents, offering a glimpse of the larger concert to come.

"This was just the tip of the iceberg," Jato Sonita remarked, alluding to the grander spectacle awaiting at L'academie des Beaux Arts, the premier arts center in Kinshasa. With an open invitation to all, she extended a call to celebrate, dance, and honor the Congo Basin, a vital ecosystem deserving of collective appreciation and protection.

Jato Sonita's impact transcended the stage. At the prestigious Université protestante au Congo, she engaged with students, sharing insights into her identity as "The Forest Girl" and the symbolism behind the attire of "The Forest Children." Together, they delved into the significance of the Congo Basin and the urgent need for its safeguarding. A pledge emerged, as students committed to joining the cause, promising their dedication to environmental preservation and advocacy.
Reflecting on her time in Congo, Jato Sonita's affection for the country was palpable. "Wanlai, I love Congo," she proclaimed, accompanied by green heart emojis symbolizing her commitment to the land and its people.

Through music, dialogue, and shared purpose, she continues to weave connections and foster change, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of Africa's cultural fabric.

By Bakah Derick 
Tel: 6 94 71 85 77 

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