Village Development: Moh Sons, Daughters Unite for Progress through MODA

In a recent executive meeting of the Moh Village Development Association (MODA) held in Nkongsamba, Cameroon, leaders convened under the guidance of Shey Shagari, the National President, to strategize on developmental initiatives and reflect on the association's 30th anniversary celebration. 
MODA Executive members after meeting 

Moh, located in the Nkambe central subdivision of Donga Mantung Division, North West Region, epitomizes the spirit of communal progress. 

Among MODA's ongoing projects are the construction of the Fons palace, a community hall, and initiatives to improve water supply. Additionally, efforts extend to infrastructure enhancements, such as culvert construction along roads connecting Nkambe to Moh Village.
Dr  Angoh Kingsley, MODA Buea branch President 

In an interview with The Hilltop Mail, Dr. Angoh Kingsley a prominent member of the association and branch president for Buea  articulated MODA's aspirations for expanded impact, citing challenges rooted in limited resources. The association aims to bolster educational opportunities by constructing classrooms, extending clean water access, and providing scholarships to children from low-income families in Moh for primary, secondary, and university education.

Dr. Angoh, despite being visually impaired, exemplifies dedication to community development. Holding a PhD, he serves as an inspiration, advocating not only for persons with disabilities but for holistic progress within Moh. His contributions underscores a trust forged by his educational attainment and commitment to community advancement.
Looking ahead, MODA envisions further collaborative projects, guided by community consultation and a steadfast commitment to the collective well-being of Moh Village. As the association continues to rally sons and daughters, near and far, it stands as a example to the transformative power of unity in pursuit of sustainable development.

By Bakah Derick with reports
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