FEHACU 2022: Official date now Known

By J Rose Afah 

The date for the 2022 edition of the Bamenda III Festival of Heritage Arts and Culture (FEHACU) has been officially  released. The date for the second edition of the festival is set to take place on the 28 and 29th of December 2022.
Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe leading the organising committee at the Press conference 

The  information was announced during a press conference on Tuesday 6 December by Mayor Fonguh Cletus Tanwie.

According to the mayor, this year's edition of the festival is more than just showcasing the richness of the Nkwen and Ndzah cultures, as it prioritizes inclusiveness and aims at bringing people from different cultural backgrounds all over the municipality inorder to foster the spirit of togetherness and peaceful co-existence.
Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwe speaking with the Press 

"The festival was a way for the council to preserve the cultures of Nkwen and Ndzah by passing it down to the younger generation through the different activities to be showcased" he said 

The municipal leader also encouraged the general population to come out in a their numbers to get a feel of the cultural heritage of the Nkwen and Ndzah people. 

Though several groups, artists, festival pageant contestants, and exhibitors have registered, Mayor Fongu Cletus has extended the deadline to Friday 9 December 2022 to ensure that those who wish to register and participate officially can catchup. 

Muma Azehfor Chairperson of the socio cultural committee addressing the press 

Muma Azehfor Chairperson of the socio cultural committee who spoke to the press alongside the mayor detailed that steps have been taken to make sure that FEHACU 2022 looks different. Amongst the many innovations is the increase in the number of participants in categories like artists, cultural and traditional dance groups, addition of Mr FEHACU, tales and spoken word.