Save the Crown: Ntaw Mankon "Sede Vacante", tears flow from old, young

By Bakah Derick 

As ordered by the Supreme masquerade of the Mankon people; The Kwifo, sons and daughters of the Fondom this Tuesday 7 June 2022 have answered present at the Palace plaza to mourn the disappearance of their Fon. 
Cross section of women at the Mankon Palace court yard 

They have come with ragged clothing. They are covered with wood ash and a the majority with hair cut to the lowest level possible especially those of or close to the royal home. They chant in unism at one point and at another in disorder. It is a matter of feeling and love for Fo Angwafo III who joined his ancestors in the later part of May 2022. He has served the land for over six decades on the throne carrying the crown of the mighty Mankon people.. The coronarch is sung in the Mankon language bringing along a strong feeling of communication with the spirits. 
The Nikwi nə Abubtə is on in Mankon as the throne stays empty (sede vacante in Roman Catholic jargon). They hope to see their found Fon today... 

Here are pictures coming in. We do not own the rights to these images...

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