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Ndee-rlah 2023: Nkwen Fon Storms venue with over 150, assures Mbum people of his support

By Bakah Derick  The Fon of Nkwen has made an impressive presence at this year’s edition of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association (WICUDA) Bamenda Cultural Festival – Ndee-rlah 2023.  His Royal Majesty Fon Azehfor III arrived the event ground at the S-bend neigbourhood in Bamenda III Subdivision on Sunday 14 May 2023 with a delegation of not fewer than 150 to the admiration of many who showed up for the Wimbum cultural party.  Fon of Nkwen addressing Ndee-rlah 202 3 Speaking during the event, the Fon of Nkwen was categorical about the peace loving character of the Wimbum people in his community. While assuring the people of his support, Fon Azehfor III indicated that living together is a value he cherishes and expects to see that flourish amongst the Wimbum people living in his village and Bamenda as a whole.  As a mantra he took off with at the start of his close to 10years reign, the Fon of Nkwen did not miss the moment to encourage his colleague Fons of the Mbu

Nukwi Ne Abubte: Retired Diplomat pays glowing tribute to Fon Angwafo III, urges all to stand by reigning Mankon leader

By Bakah Derick  Retired Diplomat Dr Nkwenti Ignatius Ndefru has paid glowing tribute to the celebrated  immediate past Fon of Mankon His Royal Highness Fon Angwafo III. The tribute is published in the book Fo S.A.N Angwafo III -Remembered- His leadership Wisdom and Deeds as seen by the people of Mankon, Cameroon and Beyond.  Dr Nkwenti Ignatius Ndefru talking to According to the Diplomat who is also a son of Mankon, Fon Angwafo III was not only the lcon of the Mankon Fondom but also that of Cameroon. "Your missing has created a palpable political, educational, agricultural and cultural vacuum in this nation that can hardly be filled. You became a politician in the 60s as a young Fon and your contributions to the political evolution of Cameroon have left behind many important pages of history." Dr Nkwenti Ignatius writes  From his Position as Fon of Mankon, participation in the Foumban Conference, his works with President Ahmadou

Save the Crown: Ntaw Mankon "Sede Vacante", tears flow from old, young

By Bakah Derick  As ordered by the Supreme masquerade of the Mankon people; The Kwifo, sons and daughters of the Fondom this Tuesday 7 June 2022 have answered present at the Palace plaza to mourn the disappearance of their Fon.  Cross section of women at the Mankon Palace court yard  They have come with ragged clothing. They are covered with wood ash and a the majority with hair cut to the lowest level possible especially those of or close to the royal home. They chant in unism at one point and at another in disorder. It is a matter of feeling and love for Fo Angwafo III who joined his ancestors in the later part of May 2022. He has served the land for over six decades on the throne carrying the crown of the mighty Mankon people.. The coronarch is sung in the Mankon language bringing along a strong feeling of communication with the spirits.  The Nikwi nə Abubtə is on in Mankon as the throne stays empty (sede vacante in Roman Catholic jargon). They hope to see th

Save the Crown: Mankon mourning diluted by village cosmopolitan character, "Ntaw" set to welcome found Fon

By Bakah Derick  For the past seven days, the people of Mankon in Bamenda have been mourning the passing on of their Fon following an order by the highest masquerade in Mankon; the Kwifo. According to the order by the Kwifo, no farming or digging related activities were to take place in Mankon during the decreed period of mourning being May 30 to June 5, 2022. Within this period, men were also not allowed to wear caps.  Mankon Palace entrance... (photo credit: Reports from the Mankon Royal home (Ntaw Mankon) and nearby quarters say, this order was respected to the least with community members helping to remind each other about the mourning exercise.  "When I was leaving home with by face cap, my neighbour reminded me that I was not supposed to wear a cap. We actually joked over it and I left but when I got to my junction, the way one Pa talked to me I felt really ashamed and had to remove by cap. Even though I got to the commercial avenue and saw pe

Save the Crown: Mankon Kwifo confirms disappearance of Fon, announce suspension of farming activities

By Bakah Derick  The traditional institution  vested with the powers to announce what is  tradtionally known as "the disappearance" of the Fon in the grasdfield of Cameroon has confirmed it will do so in the village of Mankon Mezam Division North West region in the coming days.  In an unusual outing via a statement on Wednesday 25 May 2022, the Kwifo of Mankon admitted that the Fon has joined his ancestors but promise to make an official announcement on Sunday 29 May 22 at the palace plaza. The Kwifo's representative whose name we got only as Joseph didn't explain why the traditional procedure will not be followed or why the announcement is made via a press release and not the normal means."  According to Cameroon Info Trend , the announced to be made at the Mankon Palace Plaza goes against the tradition of the village  "In keeping with the customs and tradition of Mankon, the normal channel to disseminate information of the Fon's