Ndee-rlah 2023: Nkwen Fon Storms venue with over 150, assures Mbum people of his support

By Bakah Derick 

The Fon of Nkwen has made an impressive presence at this year’s edition of the Wimbum Cultural and Development Association (WICUDA) Bamenda Cultural Festival – Ndee-rlah 2023. 

His Royal Majesty Fon Azehfor III arrived the event ground at the S-bend neigbourhood in Bamenda III Subdivision on Sunday 14 May 2023 with a delegation of not fewer than 150 to the admiration of many who showed up for the Wimbum cultural party. 
Fon of Nkwen addressing Ndee-rlah 2023

Speaking during the event, the Fon of Nkwen was categorical about the peace loving character of the Wimbum people in his community. While assuring the people of his support, Fon Azehfor III indicated that living together is a value he cherishes and expects to see that flourish amongst the Wimbum people living in his village and Bamenda as a whole. 

As a mantra he took off with at the start of his close to 10years reign, the Fon of Nkwen did not miss the moment to encourage his colleague Fons of the Mbum land to pay great attention to education of their children. The Monarch was specific when he stated that technical education is the way out of the challenging times with high unemployment. 
As a result of the current armed conflict, the land has been dirtied by the many atrocities committed. HRM Fon Azehfor III noted that there can be no meaningful progress if the land is not cleansed. This will not only give room for the Ancestors to bless the land but also to save lives. 
Fon of Mankon addressing Ndee-rlah 

Also present at the event was the Fon of Mankon HRH Angwafo III who made a remarkable presence at the Ndee-rlah 2023 with a delegation of close to 100. His remarks were those of encouragement in the promotion of culture, peace and living together. 

According to the organizers,the Ndee-rlah is a celebration of diversity, art, and music, of the Wimbum people. 

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