Save the Crown: Mankon Kwifo confirms disappearance of Fon, announce suspension of farming activities

By Bakah Derick 

The traditional institution  vested with the powers to announce what is  tradtionally known as "the disappearance" of the Fon in the grasdfield of Cameroon has confirmed it will do so in the village of Mankon Mezam Division North West region in the coming days. 

In an unusual outing via a statement on Wednesday 25 May 2022, the Kwifo of Mankon admitted that the Fon has joined his ancestors but promise to make an official announcement on Sunday 29 May 22 at the palace plaza. The Kwifo's representative whose name we got only as Joseph didn't explain why the traditional procedure will not be followed or why the announcement is made via a press release and not the normal means." 

According to Cameroon Info Trend, the announced to be made at the Mankon Palace Plaza goes against the tradition of the village 
"In keeping with the customs and tradition of Mankon, the normal channel to disseminate information of the Fon's disappearance would entail the use of the talking drum to communicate the message to the 76 quarters of Mankon that something abnormal has happened. The Villagers assemble and the messenger of Kwifor comes and deliver what message he has for the villagers as directed by Kwifor with specific instructions on what has happened and a program to get prepared with the rites accompanying the Fon's disappearance." The online platform reports 

While still waiting for the announcement to be made and the accompanying instructions given, the Kwifo in the release has already indicated that farming activities in the land of Mankon shall be suspended. 

Though the stipulated period of no farming and related activities is  a month, the dreaded traditional cult says "considering that this is the farming season, Kwifo Mankon has decided that farming activities and other activities that entail digging of the soil in the entire Mankon fondom shall be suspended only for one week starting from 30/5/2022 to 5/6/2022."

Reports on the passing on of HRH Fon  Solomon Anyeghamotu Ndefru Angwafo III circulated on new and traditional media from May 21st, 2022 after regional government authorities circulated an announment relating to the subject. 

North West Governor Adolf Lele L'afrique has described the Fon as a great statesman and an encyclopaedia who advocated for peace and National Unity. 

The statement on the disappearance of the Fon from what can be considered the right institution vested with the powers to do so, confirms the end of a slightly above six decades reign of the 20th Fon of the Mankon people. 
The Monarch was an agricultural engineer and politician. He is credited for spending time in his rural royal home Nto Mankon at the times many traditional rulers moved out of their palaces and Fondoms as a result of the ongoing armed conflict in the region.