Bamenda II: Mayor warns police against recklessness

By Bakah Derick with reports 

The Mayor of Bamenda II has send very strong warning words to the police core following an incident that led to the untimely dead of an 8-year old pupil in Bamenda. Speaking to Equinox TV shortly after the incident, Chenwie Peter urged the Delegate General for National Security to call his order elements to order. 
According to the Mayor, they have worked hard to help children go back to school. He made mention of book donations, payment of fees amongst others and regretted such actions that can make nonsense of their efforts. 

While stating that the act was careless and that they are tired of such incidence, he has warned that such carelessness should not be noticed again else... 
He however didn't say what will happened but insinuated that there will be zero tolerance should it happened again. He used the same media to send words of condolences to the family peomising help to the parents. 

The visibly angered Mayor has also encouraged parents to continue sensing their children to school because that is all Bamenda has in the absence of industries. 

Thousands protested in Bamenda on Friday 12 November 2021 following the shouting of Tataw Brandy. The Delegate General for National Security Martin Mbarga Nguelle described the incident as unfortunate saying the officer is in custody.