Major National Dialogue: That attack on PM Dion Ngute: staged, political witch hunt or Separatists?

By Bakah Derick 

On arrival in Matazem entrance to the North West Region on Tuesday 5 October 2021 at the start of a four day visit, gunshot sounds were heard from distant hills as Prime Minister Chief Dr Dion Ngute addressed a crowd. 

Though coming from far surely not unexpected, panic was evident. Security dispositions were on high alert and the PM and others quickly given protection though there was no sign the Prime Minister's convoy was the target. No one dead, no injuries nor material damage. No one has claimed responsibility at the time of this report though non state armed groups operate in the area. 
In the recent past, non state armed groups operating in the region have demonstrated unprecedented might in fire arms. With long range explosives, they killed 15 soldiers and distroyed two armored cars in Ngonketunjia Division. Other groups in that mission sustained a gun battle with reenforced military from other strategic locations  for hours till night fall. It was well planned, coordinated and implemented. That was daring. On October 1 2021, video footages emerged showing symbolic independence observances by several armed groups in the region with huge firm arms. In fact the videos presented a group combat ready forces. Not sure that brief incident represent what we have seen. 

To want to attack the Prime Minister and Head of government certainly required several times more planning time, techniques and eventual implementation. With the long range explosives, shooting towards the direction of the Prime Minister's convoy should have been the least to do. With many more hills and bushes like in other areas of the region, one would have expected many other attacks as he was driven in. This was not the case

In the mix of the gunshot sounds, voices could be heard calling for calm and yet no calm from the defence forces who practically whisk away the PM in a video that has gone viral. Others could be seen running into the bush giving the impression they were going to provide a respond to the possible attack. The response if any, didn't last long as everyone quickly jumped into the trucks and moved on. Surprisingly, not far from the place of attack, the PM was allowed to stop again over and over to greet people along the bad and bushy road. The attackers had suddenly disappeared. 

The Prime Minister is returning from the South West on a similar mission. Not even a knockout was heard. He was in Buea the supposed capital of the Republic of Amabazonia and nothing happened. Going by a stiff communication battle between some groups in the regions, the North West has been repeated presented as the most hostile and dangerous region in the five years armed conflict. To make this point, there is no doubt proponents of such communication could organise something to further make their point. This is the class that surely doesn't find comfort in successes of the seemingly people's prime minister. 

Those enjoying gains from the armed conflict are certainly satisfied with a job well done because as it is the communication has been very done but going by this commentary it could have just bedn staged, could be political witch hunt but surely less implicating for the armed groups we have seen in the recent past. 

After the Matazem incident, the PM has continued his trip in all serenity driving slowing on the bad roads to Bamenda and within. He has spent a night in peace and looks forward to another and then another. 

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