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NKWEN Fon takes firm stand against disorder in his Fondom, Assures all of his protection

By Bakah Derick  The Fon of Nkwen has made an unusual outing to reaffirm his commitment to maintaining order in his Fondom. HRH Fon Azehfor III addressed the press on the sidelines of a meeting in his palace aimed at addressing issues raised by one of his subjects considered a threat to his Fondom and peaceful coexistence.  Here is the declaration of HRH Fon Azehfor III.  Fon Azehfor III speaks about his Fondom Speaking to The Hilltop Mail just shortly after the meeting, the concerned, Jude Nforngang has promised to respect the advice and directives of the Fon. 

No Effacing Official Minorities: A Call for Change

By Colbert Gwain A small number of individuals from the Kom community in Western Cameroon have grown up unaware that neighboring Muteff village communities like Achain, Ajung, and Akeh have their distinct indigenous languages or dialects. Unfortunately, over time, some of these beautiful indigenous dialects have been gradually forced to disappear due to the dominant influence of the Kom language known as 'itanghi-Kom'. Other distant language communities such as Mbessa, Mejung, Mbueni, Mbenghas, and Bum fondoms have had to struggle to preserve their languages against the encroachment of the Kom language. Picture from Human Rights Watch of protesters   It is important to highlight that the surrounding fondoms and communities that have managed to preserve their indigenous languages are still compelled to master and communicate with the larger Kom community in Itanghi-kom. The pride and reluctance of the Kom people to learn the dialects of these minority communities have unfortunat

NW/SW Armed Conflict: Journalists Caught in the Crossfire; Walking a Tight Rope Near Hell

By Colbert Gwain Since the eruption of the prolonged seven-year conflict in Cameroon's two English-speaking regions in 2016, journalists on the ground have found themselves walking a tightrope, with hell lurking just one door away. Unlike the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, where the dispute primarily revolves around land, the conflict in Cameroon's Anglophone regions encompasses both territorial claims and the welfare of its inhabitants. This intricate situation poses significant challenges for journalists striving to maintain professionalism, fairness, balance, and objectivity in their reporting, especially as both sides adamantly believe history is on their side. Journalists marching in Bamenda following killing of Colleague Anye Ndeh Nsoh (Picture source unknown) Meet Akumbom Elvis McCarthy, a dedicated journalist living and working in Bamenda, the epicenter of this escalating existential conflict. One Friday morning, after concluding his weekly talk

The Economy does not take political, military orders

By Bakah Derick The economy is a complex system that is influenced by a multitude of factors, including government policies, global events, and consumer behavior. While political leaders may have some control over certain aspects of the economy, it is important to recognize that the economy does not take political orders. In a democratic society like this one we claim to have, it is natural for politicians to want to take credit for a strong economy and to blame their opponents for a weak one. However, this oversimplifies the reality of how the economy works. Economic growth and stability depend on a wide range of factors, including innovation, productivity, consumer confidence, and global trade. Here, nothing relating to this exits...  Furthermore, economic policies that may seem beneficial in the short term can have unintended consequences in the long term. For example, increasing government spending to stimulate the economy may lead to inflation and higher interest rates

Opinion: Chronicling Gains On Path To Peace in NW, SW

By Cham Victor Bama  At the close of 2018, the sociopolitical atmosphere in the North West and South West regions was cataclysmic.  The level of violence and destruction had hit unprecedented heights with many fearing for the worst. Paul Biya: President of Cameroon  But President Paul Biya, in his usual wisdom opted for a fresh approach to address the concerns of the people of the two English-speaking regions.  He made known his resolve when he addressed the nation at the end of 2018.  Thus, the country entered 2019 with a new government under the directive of the Head of State given firm instructions to take actions towards turning the tides around.  With this new Presidential resolve, came a change in government.  President Biya reshuffled the cabinet. He pumped in new blood, giving many a reason to hope for goodies in restoring normalcy in the North West and South West regions.  The big name entrusted with making real   government’s resolve to put order in the North West

Opinion: The role of English and local languages in communication and public diplomacy about the Congo Basin

By Kenneth Nsah There is a growing consensus that we need not only science and technology but also arts, humanities and social sciences to address the global anthropogenic climate and environmental emergency currently menacing the world, including the Congo Basin in central Africa. Indeed, it is (almost) impossible to ignore the Congo Basin when talking about the ongoing global climate and environmental crisis. Dr Kenneth Nsah  The Congo Basin is indisputably an international geostrategic hotspot due to its rich biodiversity and cultural diversity and its wealth of minerals. The Congo Basin’s geostrategic importance is also significantly explained by its enormous capacity for carbon sequestration and climate mitigation through its tropical rainforests and largest peatlands on Earth, absorbing about 4% of the world's global carbon emissions. For some, the Congo Basin has now surpassed the Amazon Basin where deforestation rates are higher to become the first lung of the E

Opinion: Letter to Emmanuel Macron, French President

The Colbert Factor: Letter to Emmanuel Macron, French President Your Excellency; welcome to Cameroon, 'land of promise' and 'land of glory'; after winning your second and last mandate as President of France, Cameroon's (former) colonial master. I know you come as a master who wants to see first hand how his (former) estate is farring. No gainsaying the fact. Your decision to visit Cameroon this Monday July 25, 2022, may seem innocent to many, but by God's design, it's providential. July 25, in the church's year, is feast day of St. James, one of the two sons of Zebedee and first matrye of the 12 apostles. James is famous in the Bible because his mother, wife of Zebedee, who had great influence on Jesus went kneeling infront of Jesus, requesting that he commands that his two sons, James and John, take the first position in Heaven: one on his left and one on his right. Although Jesus disappointed her by saying that her sons may only have the pr

Opinion: Senator Regina Mundi abducted for a cause; Rescued at a cost

The Colbert Factor: The details may be sketchy. But Senator Regina Mundi was abducted for a cause and rescued for a cost. A lot of ink has flown since this lone North West CPDM politbureau member and grandmother of 80 was announced rescued by Cameroon's Defense and Security forces on May 30, 2022 in Ashong-Batibo after being abducted by separatist fighters last April 30, 2022  in Foncha Street-Bamenda. While Cameroon's military is using this rare successful rescue operation to boost its image and advertise its professionalism, the separatist ADF forces of Dr. Cho Ayaba try to fight off persistent rumours of ransom taking and blame blacklegs for leaking out their location to regular forces. Kidnapped for a cause; that of the autonomy of the two English-Speaking regions of Cameroon, Senator Regina Mundi was rescued at a huge cost; that of ensuring Cameroon remains one. No doubt that the monetary value of the military operation, from costly intelligence-gathering (huma

Opinion: What if mama Regina Mundi were a blackleg?

The Colbert Factor Muteff may be a little known local village kaleidoscope, but things that happen there are sometimes of far more greater significance than the world might have cared to know.    Regina Mundi popularly called Ma Munda in Bamenda  Situated off the jaws of Abuh Valley in Fundong Sub Division, Boyo Division of North West Region, Muteff waged a feracious war of independence from mainland Abuh in the Mid 70s.  Although the immediate cause of the conflict was Abuh community's adamant refusal to allow Muteff have a junior primary school where children from distant Muteff attend until maturity before they cross over to complete in the main school in Abuh, the remote cause was the aged-old quarel over who goes home with the head of a goat from the 'nchong' secret fraternity. The almost three-year prolonged conflict that saw Muteff children all withdrawn from the lone school in the Valley, CBC Abuh, as a sign of protest and dogged determination by Muteff