Major National Dialogue: fearless PM Dion Ngute pursues peace into "Lions den"

By Bakah Derick

The Minister Delegate at the Ministry of External Relations in charge of the Commonwealth and Secretary of the Major National Dialogue says the Prime Minister Chief Dr Dion Ngute's visit to Bamenda is "in pursuit of peace." Minister Felix Mbayu made the remarks during a presser on Tuesday 5 October 2021 at the close of day one of the Prime Minister's visit to the restive North West Region. 
Prime Minister Chief Dr Dion Ngute arriving Bamenda accompanied by NW governor in white and Regional Council President with flag.. 

"As you know from history, real leaders lived with their people in trenches during war and that is why the PM has come to be with his people. He has not only come to explain the compendium, but he comes as a messenger of peace." Minister Felix Mbayu said 

Prime Minister Chief Dr Dion Ngute arrived Matezem main entrance into the North West Region and was received by the region's top administration and a visibly jubilating population. His stay at Matazem will be brief as gunshots are heard from distant mountains. This did not scare the Prime Minister who will later make several stops on his way to share pleasantries with those who stayed by the road to welcome him. 
Prime Minister Chief Dr Dion Ngute greetings members of the Regional House of assembly on arrival 

Calm and clearly not frightened, in pidgin, he addressed a cheering crowd at up station one of the declared no go areas by advocates for a separate country called Ambazonia during the visit. According to Minister Mbayu, the turnout by the population despite all.odds was because they believe that something is wrong and needs to be changed; a feeling he says is shared by the Prime Minister. 
"If the PM and members of government cannot brave the odds and come to Bamenda, how can they ask the people of Bamenda to overcome fear?" He asked rhetorically. Using the barking dog analogy, Minister Mbayu explained that being a good leader, the PM cannot run away but stand an face the issues with the people.  
"Nobody puts you on your knees without your collaboration.We have been kept on our knees for too long; it hurts. If we don't stand up, they will go beyond that. They will seat on our heads." The Minister concluded emphasing that the PM and other members of government have refused to abscond from the region like other people because the "PM wants to stand by his people." 

The Prime Minister is expected to address a public event in Bamenda on Wednesday 6 October before continuing with consultations. The visit is programmed to end on Friday 8 October 2021. 

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