Major National Dialogue: Women and Mothers for Peace offer PM warm reception in Bamenda

By Hilltopvoices

The group of women under the banner of Women and mothers for Peace have treated the Prime Minister and Head of Government Chief Dr Dion Ngute to an unexpectedly warm reception in Bamenda. 
Led by Prof Justine Diffo Tchunkam, the women assembled as early as 8am from different parts of the region to ensure the PM is given a warm reception. 
With their peace plants and peace targeting messages, the women marched up to mile one up station in their numbers chanting songs for Peace. 
According to Prof Justine Diffo, the turnout by the women is as a result of the work she has been doing on the field since the Major National Dialogue ended emphasising the need for women to be involved in actions that can prevent them from continues mourning as a result of the prolonged armed conflict in the region. 
"Since the Major National Dialogue, we have been working in the field with communities, with Churches, with women in their Associations, women in the market and at every level to communicate with them on the value of peace, the value of solidarity, the value of development, the value of structural transformation of our economy. That is our target and that is what we have been doing." Prof Justine said. 
She has reiterated her resolve and other women in the North West and South West as well as across the country to accompany the Head of State through the Prime Minister to talk to weeping and struggling women for peace to return to the region. "We do not need bloodshed again in this region" The President of the Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Directors pleaded.

The Prime Minister has expressed satisfaction with the massive turnout despite all odds. He has promised to continue with the dialogue process