Sons and daughters of Alamatu one of the many quarters that make up the Mankon village in Bamenda Mezam Division of the North West Region have resolved to build their developmental hopes on a cooperative credit Union. 
AlamCCUL Inauguration

The Alamatu Cooperative Credit Union AlamCCUL born from a social group created two years ago was launched Sunday April 1 in an event that assembled administrative, traditional and the population of the community. 

Speaking during the ALAMCCUL inaugural event, the President of the caretaker committee of the credit union explained that the reasons for the creation of the union amongst others were the need for “proximity financial institution services, need to boast development and to work towards and emerging quarter, change the image of the quarter, create jobs and increase employment opportunities for our sons and daughters.” 

Adding more justification for their creation, Ade Ntawzine Roland told presidents and managers of other credit unions that “Alamatu Cooperative Credit Union is not a challenger or a competitor” but has come to join in the work of poverty alleviation. 

Acknowledging AlamCCUL as an affiliate, Deputy General Manager of Renaissance Cooperative Credit Unions Cameroon RECCUCAM expressed satisfaction with the takeoff of the baby Union while promising the readiness of his network as a mentor.  Fon Amos urged the population to build their trust on the integrity of board and staff members of the Credit Union. While advising that challenges should not discourages those starting, the Deputy General Manager encouraged the many who turned out to open accounts and save often as a way of ensuring the growth of the institution. 

The Mayor of Bamenda II Ballick Awah Fidelis and the representative of the Fon of Mankon Ndegue Sylvester maintained that there was need for such a credit union so as to attend to the financial needs of the people of the area and beyond. 

“I find it absolutely necessary to have more financial credit unions because the closer the credit union to you the better your money is safe. To leave here and go right to the center of the town to save money is difficult.  Somebody having some money with him will easily just go to the credit union that is near and put the money in there and the money is safe.” Mayor Ballick Awah said wishing that all sons and daughters of the area should open accounts and save to enable AlamCCUL to grow. 
AlamCCUL members celebrate

Before cutting the inaugural symbolic ribbon, the Deputy Divisional Officer DO for Bamenda II observed that the Mankon man being a developer should be decent enough to understand that the credit union is the bank for the poor and consequently no one should come to make money and consequently destroy. 

Ndeh Mufontah Fidelis elite of the area based in Yaounde who travelled to the community for the inauguration expressed satisfaction with the successful start indicating that “when you are financially stable you will not even fall sick, it means prosperity… it means victory over unemployment victory over poverty, it means solidarity. People coming together to build their own financial institution; it means love. I can tell you that I am a proud son of this quarter Alamatu-Mankon” 

Prior to the official inauguration, the Union has mobilized close to 150 members with over FCFA 15M already put together. The union functions with the mantle “AlamCCUL leads you to a giant step in Business.”
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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