Two Catholic Priests have held the Minister Counselor at the French Embassy in Cameroon to a tight corner during consultative talks in Bamenda.
Meeting Tuesday, April 03, Philippe Larrieu who is also the security officer at the French Embassy was briefed on the origin and growth of the current crisis in the North West and South West regions. 
French Diplomat in Bamenda
 According to the priests, the honest and legitimate problems of the people were badly presented, badly understood and badly managed.
The banning of the consortium at the time talks were on to calm down the issue escalated the crisis; the priests said adding that the problem in the  region is about the disrespect of the culture build on education and laws of a people. 

The responsibility for the escalation of the crisis was placed squarely on the soldiers of the Military that failed to be responsible and professional, Politicians who are afraid of the truth and government workers who think they need to protect their jobs thus hiding the reality.
After observing the likelihood of criminal gangs emerging in the concerned regions and taking people hostage for ransoms to be paid, the French diplomat maintained that his government has always stood for dialogue and respect for human rights. 

This however did not go down well with the priests who seemed to have understood public opinion on the fact that the French government was an accomplice to the poor treatment of Anglophones and immediately challenged the diplomat on the presence of French troops in Cameroon. In response Philippe Larrieu indicated that there are only 14 French Military officers in Cameroon and all of them work in Yaounde in different capacities with different specialties with specific directives. 

The consultative talks also revealed that  there has been a lot of pretends around the crisis in the region with lots of lies about effective schooling when is nothing for almost two academic years, fictitious celebrations of National feasts and the silence of France over the crisis. The diplomat however justified to the satisfaction of the priests that his government has always been for a developed West Cameroon though raising worries over the neglect of pre independent history in Cameroon by those accusing his country of silence. 

On the way forward Rev Fr Tata Mbuy Director of communications in the Archdiocese of Bamenda who attended the close door session recommended acceptance of crimes committed against the people and apologies made,  the speedy trail of those arrested within the crisis both from within and without country, granting of presidential amnesty where possible and dialogue which he said must include members of the Southern Cameroon governing Council, leaders of civil society groups, Political leaders with equal representation, Teachers and lawyers representatives and church leaders from both English and French systems with a possible neutral moderation or facilitation. 
According to Rev Fr Tata Mbuy, the discussions were frank with the French diplomat exceptionally open and educative with the readiness to also learn and accept the issues revealed to him.
At press time the French security officer was preparing to meet with some members of the civil society.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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