Officials of the PWD Bamenda have express discontent with the disrespect of own laws by the Professional Football League.
In a release made public by the Team Press officer TPO Abongwa Fozo, the authorities of the club are worried as to why the Homologation Committee of the Professional League has refused to make public the decision of its Tuesday April 17, in Yaounde to “deliberate on the PWD vs Ngaoudere University FC match which was won by forfeiture by PWD Bamenda.”

PWD Bamenda
According to the release “the outcome of that meeting is still awaited by the football public in general and the fans and supports of PWD Bamenda in particular.”
Indicating that “the Team President Abunde Pascal and his collaborators have been doing everything possible to see that the rules and regulations governing the Prefessional Football are applied in strict interpretation of the law, the release further says “on Thursday April 12, the President of PWD Bamenda sent a correspondence to the LFPC reminding the SG of the league that pursuant of article 20 of the rules and regulations of the MTN Elite II Championship 2018, the match that failed to hhold on march 24 was supposed to have been homologated per the text not more than 14 days after the said date.” 

PWD authorities are thus calling “for the match to be homologated as soon as possible so that the team should be clear about it’s position before the Canon match” played Monday April 16; a request which was never granted.
The management of PWD has however continued with the push for the decision to be made public as soon as possible with the Club President maintaining that the decision be made public before their next game. 

“The management of PWD and fans continue to wonder aloud while this specific delay in the case of PWD Bamenda and suspects this could be manipulation by the committee to favour and disfavour some teams at the same time.” The release states

Unlike the General Classification that puts PWD Bamenda on spot number three with 22 points behind Canon and Lion Blesse with 23points each, the PWD Bamenda Team Press Officer’s release rather puts PWD top of the league Table saying “while awaiting the publication of this decision we consider that PWD is topping the Elite II on 25points, followed by Canon Yaounde and Lion Blesse on 23points each.” 

The league has however not made any official statement as relates the matter.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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