Councilors of the Bamenda III Council have empowered their Mayor to proceed with the signing of three major Memorandums of Understanding with three Chinese Cities.
Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwie received the empowerment during a Council session Friday April 22 dedicated to the examination of the administrative accounts of the council. 

Fongu Cletus Tanwie Mayor Bamenda III Council
According to one of the seven deliberations adopted by Councilors during the session, Mayor Fongu Cletus Tanwie now has the backing of his councilors to proceed with the twining of Bamenda III Council with Wuhan, Shanghai and Guanzhou cities in China. 

Justifying the deliberation prior to its adoption, Bamenda III municipal head explained to his councilors that talks and negotiations are already ongoing and far advanced for the partnership between Bamenda III and the concerned cities. 

The envisaged partnerships come at the time the municipality is still celebrating a giant water scheme being a donation from the German city of Trier. The purification water scheme according to the Mayor will soon witness a double in its capacity mindful of the fact that several tons of equipment are still on the way at the time the council has also embarked on the Construction of another tank with a volume of about 200cubic litres of water in other to meet the high demand for purified life dependent liquid. 

“Bamenda III remains one of the Councils that believe in partnerships in development. And you just cited the example of the water project that we got as a result of partnership via twining with Trier City in Germany; partnership with Chinese Cities will definitely improve on who skills, on our capacity, on our projects and on our development as a whole.” Mayor Fongu said
According to the Mayor, these partnerships born out of a visit to the United States during the Sisters Cities international conference with Shanghai, Guanzhou as well as Wuhan cities in Chinese will help foster development within the Bamenda III Municipality. 

Without going cap in hand, Mayor Fongu argues that it was about a shared vision between Bamenda III and the concerned cities that there was a mutual agreement for partnership. “They are very enthusiastic already. They want to partner with us; visit us and we visit them. That is why we are engaging this partnership with the hope of exchanging everything including Cultures.” Fongu said placing the success of the partnership so far   on the warm collaboration between Cameroon and the People’s Republic of China as his Council may sooner or later be benefiting since the government of Cameroon and that of China are already ripping the fruits of their relation. 

The councilors during the said session also approved the council’s 2017 administrative account of above FCFA 902M which saw a positive carried forward to the 2018 financial year of over FCFA362M.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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