The Governor of the North West region has suspended indefinitely the circulation of motorbikes in Batibo and Widikum Sundivisions in Momo Division and Balikumbat subdivision in Ngoketunjia Division.
The decision is contained in a Regional Order signed yesterday by Governor Lele L’afrique Tchoffo Deben Adolph. 
Governor bans bikes
The order states that “during the period motorbikes shall not be allowed to circulate both during the day and night.”
Though the specific reason for the indefinite suspension has not been made public, the order takes into consideration “the exigencies of security, the preservation of peace and the maintenance of law and order.”
The order comes at the time the several attacks on soldiers is said to have been executed by gun carrying persons on motorbikes. 

The suspension of motorbikes in these three adds to a running curfew in the entire region that restricts the movements of persons and properties from 9pm to 5am. 

Just like the order restricting movement of persons and properties which exempts administrative vehicles, the order suspending the circulation of motorbikes also with the exception of “administrative bikes, those engaged in security operations by the forces of law and order and those in possession of special authorization to circulate.”
Those who “violate or attempt to violate” the order warns “shall be prosecuted according to the laws and regulations in force.”
“The Senior Divisional Officers of Momo and Ngoketunjia and the Forces of Law and Order of the Divisions concern” have been “charged with the strict implementation of this order.”
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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