Women who answered present at St Michael’s Parish Church Futru Nkwen as start of activities to mark the international women’s day have been urged to be the source of peace in their families and communities.
The Parish Priest for St Michael’s Parish made the appeal during a special Women’s Day Holy Mass March 8 in the main Church of the Parish in Futru.

Drawing inspiration from the several instances in the Bible and particularly during crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Rev Fr Hippolyte Wirnkar Tanfen challenged the women to demonstrate the natural gifts of concern and care for one another in their daily lives. Citing instances beginning from the very fact that God came to world through a woman, the wiping of Jesus’s face on the way to Calvary by a women, the sympathy shown to him by women of Jerusalem on the way to Mount Calvary, the handing over of his remains to his mother after death and the revelation of the resurrection to women, the Preacher sustained that Christianity offers women a special place reason why the Church organized the Holy Mass for them on Women’s Day.

In his capacity as Parish Priest, he thanked the women for their dedication to the church demonstrated via the various activities like cleaning, participation in prayer and action groups as well as major church projects. He appealed for more commitment and dedication indicating that without Women there will certainly be no church.

While appealing for younger women or girls to be obedient and respectful following the good works of their mothers, Fr Hippolyte noted that “women are responsible for about 95% of peace, love and happiness in every family and by extension the society and the country.

Addressing the women the Parish Chairperson Theresia Tamunang called on the women to remember their mission to change the World using the naturally given love and softness to change their families. She encouraged the women to treat their male relations and colleagues with love as a way of achieving positive change in the world.

Talking to this reporter Azeh Emmerencia after attending the Mass said “I am very happy to have participated in this Mass. I feel really good. I leave here with the message of love for everyone as a way to change the world. I am sure that any woman who attended this church feels same and will certainly not celebrate this day in the wrong way.”

Amongst those women who answered present for the Mass were members of Church groups like the Catholic Women’s Association, Reverend Sisters, Social groups and some men.

Though very few Women could retained the theme of the celebration during Mass when asked by the celebrating Priest, there is general awareness of the day which is widely understood as a day women get some freedom to party, spend longer time out of home as they expect the men to perform some of the house chores. Like government officials, the Church official also condemned the excessive celebration of the day which ends in drunkenness and untold misconduct by women due to a shallow understanding of the day.
Derick BAKAH

Derick BAKAH

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