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Issue no 001; latest of The Hilltop Mail is Here!!!

Yes! The Hilltop Mail is here. The Hilltop Mail; a weekly community newsletter is a novelty in the Media landscape in Bamenda Cameroon.  The Hilltop Mail has come to deliver news from the Northwest Region of Cameroon to you through your Mobile devices. With the Understanding that being right is more important than being first, we will be beginning with a weekly publication. This community based weekly publication will focus on general issues with special attention on disability Inclusion, Health, Sports and Culture.   The Hilltop Mail community newsletter is another version of our web blog   soon to appear as   For subscription send and email to or write to 94718577 using whatsapp messenger only

READ A STORY A DAY FROM The BOOK 16 Stories for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence

16Days of activism against gender based violence GBV Story for day 16  Mainstreaming   gender   and   disability   in   all organizations in the North West Region Gender   equality   and   female   empowerment   are   core development objectives, fundamental for the realization of   Human   Rights   and   key   to   effective   and   sustainable development   outcomes.   Unfortunately   individuals, organizations and institutions work with the false assumption   that   men,   women,   boys   and   girls   benefit equally from all activities. This has led to the continuous marginalization   and   relegation   of   women   to   the background especially those living with disabilities. Conscious   of   the   plight   of   the   Cameroonian   woman especially the most marginalized namely those living with disabilities   and   in   a   desperate   attempt   to   narrow   the existing gap, I work passionately to mainstream gender and disability in Progr