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PCC: Increase humanitarian work, Construct Hospital, Schools, Win souls for Christ targeted in 2023.

By Bakah Derick  The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) has indicated his readiness to direct the church into more humanitarian work, construction of a hospital, completion of schools and continous evangelism in search for more souls for Christ. The Rt. Rev Fonki Samuel Forba was speaking recently while evaluating 2022 and making projections for 2023.  The Rt Rev Fonki Samuel, Moderator Presbyterian Church in Cameroon.  According to the PCC Chief Shepherd, the church reached out to over 60.000 persons in need within 2022 as part of her humanitarian mission which was insignificant compared to those who were seeking assistance from the church.  "Last year we touched atleast 60.000 souls in humanitarian activities at all levels of the church. It was not an easy task because everybody was looking up to the church as a source of hope but because the church was really deep into the crisis in Anglophone Cameroon, we were unable to meet the need