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FECAFOOT Election Voices in Bamenda: "The beginning of a new Dawn" Joe Dinga Promoter Bamenda FC

Beginning of a new Dawn where discrimination, incompetency, corruption, vindictiveness,  and hypocrisy will be thrown out of the door. A new Dawn where equality, meritocracy and togetherness as one will be our watch word. Above all the name Eto'o as has been the case in the past during all his life symbolizes success at all levels within the football domain in Cameroon. Eto'o and Joe Dinga... Promoter of Bamenda FC Cameroon football will rise to the top of the world stage where it belongs and with it will come genuine progress and success of football within NW, LT, SW, CE, East and all other regions of Cameroon. Eto'o is a champion and a blessed child of God who turns anything that touches his hands into Gold . We have entrusted Cameroon football into the hands of a champion who will revolutionize football in a way that have never been seen in Africa  NW have it's own peculiar needs, Eto'o is aware and for a fact will