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Football: Bamboutos FC Coach Yves Clement A. resigns despite positive score

FECAFOOT Elections: NW in Perplexity as potential delegates begin grabbing election goodies, promises and instructions

By Bakah Derick Potential delegates to the regional and federal general assemblies of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) for the North West Region are in an entangled state as they are tied between promises, loyalty, grabbing of election goodies and instructions from high places.  First it was the announcement of a promised stadium from Holland by the Regional league President. According to Mbigha Felix this was promised by Seidou Mbombo Njoya to be delivered in December (after elections) the incumbent candidate at this year's FA elections. For a region that has been in need of a stadium for a long time now, no one needs to interpret the promise and the period of execution.  Hilltopvoices has also received information that calls have been coming in from very high political quarters giving instructions as to where the North West should stand. Some of these calls we gathered was the reason behind the recent visit to Douala by some FECAFOOT NW leadership. Returnin

FECAFOOT Elections: North West Football auctioning for stadium promises begins ahead of elections

By Bakah Derick   Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) political leaders have relaunched their long time promises to construct a football stadium in Bamenda. Speaking after the North West Regional league final on Sunday 22 August 2021, the current president of FECAFOOT North West Mbigha Felix told that his national boss Seidou Mbombo Njoya has promised the North West a football stadium.   “From our last meeting with the National President Seidou Mbombo Njoya, he had promised us a synthetic pitch from Holland that will be coming up maybe in December. We hope that we will maybe maintain our Municipal Stadium for now so we can be using for our matches and the rest.” He said. The North West and stadium story of shame Promising a stadium for the North West region didn't start today. From as far back as the 70s hilltopvoices has it on good authority that a 45000 capacity stadium was promised the North West by the then minister of sports. It ended only as a promise. On the

FECAFOOT Elections: Covering up the mess takes new twist in the North West

Editor's note   Reactions have been pouring into our newsroom following a recent article we published on FECAFOOT Elections. These reactions have come in different forms with all of them either explaining that there were divisional leagues played across the region or not this 2020/2021 football season. While those who say there are/were divisional leagues argue that they are in possession of match forms and other justifications including sponsorship of matches without subventions from the central administration, those who say the league didn't play argue that they were never part or aware of any divisional league launch. Another school of thought has it that since 2018, no divisional elections took place in the North West and consequently no competitions could be organised there. You all maybe right but only one of the groups will be correct or at least truthful.   We remain however preoccupied by the fact that all other divisional leagues took place across the country except t

FECAFOOT Elections: Separatists agenda enforced as North West is kicked out

  By Nfu Nkfu in Bamenda There are signs that the Northwest divisional teams shall be prevented from taking part in the electoral process of the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT.    According to a release made public on the 17 August 2021 by the electoral commission, no divisional team qualified to participate in the process that will culminate with the election of divisional, regional and federal federation leaders.   From what we gathered, divisional leagues have been playing following an order signed by the Secretary General of the federation authorising the use of Identify cards by players not registered in the FIFA-Connect system even belated during matches. The publication of teams without those from the North West suggest that leagues have not been played which is strongly argued by the clubs involved.   Reactions have largely been negative suggesting that all attempts to kick the North West Out of the electoral process enforces the separatist agenda of dividing the country