FECAFOOT Elections: Separatists agenda enforced as North West is kicked out

 By Nfu Nkfu in Bamenda

There are signs that the Northwest divisional teams shall be prevented from taking part in the electoral process of the Cameroon Football Federation FECAFOOT. 


Seidou Mbombo Njoya, Mbigha Felix

According to a release made public on the 17 August 2021 by the electoral commission, no divisional team qualified to participate in the process that will culminate with the election of divisional, regional and federal federation leaders.


From what we gathered, divisional leagues have been playing following an order signed by the Secretary General of the federation authorising the use of Identify cards by players not registered in the FIFA-Connect system even belated during matches. The publication of teams without those from the North West suggest that leagues have not been played which is strongly argued by the clubs involved.


FECAFOOT Elections

Reactions have largely been negative suggesting that all attempts to kick the North West Out of the electoral process enforces the separatist agenda of dividing the country. Fingers are now pointing at the Regional league president and the incumbent for planning and implementing  the strategy.


We have it on good authority that following the publication of the list, the teams that have been sponsoring the divisional leagues without any subvention had appealed unfortunately several days after the deadline of the appeal period, no reaction has been heard and it is likely the teams may not be instated. 

What this means for the elections process
Should the situation remain the same, the current president of FECAFOOT North West Mbigha Felix who also doubles as the Mayor of Bamenda I council will be the only candidate for the Regional office and that will eventually mean total support for the incumbent FA president Seidou Mbombo Njoya.

Divisional league elections are expected to take place in September 2021.