FECAFOOT Elections: North West Football auctioning for stadium promises begins ahead of elections

By Bakah Derick
Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) political leaders have relaunched their long time promises to construct a football stadium in Bamenda. Speaking after the North West Regional league final on Sunday 22 August 2021, the current president of FECAFOOT North West Mbigha Felix told kick442.com that his national boss Seidou Mbombo Njoya has promised the North West a football stadium.


“From our last meeting with the National President Seidou Mbombo Njoya, he had promised us a synthetic pitch from Holland that will be coming up maybe in December. We hope that we will maybe maintain our Municipal Stadium for now so we can be using for our matches and the rest.” He said.

The North West and stadium story of shame

Promising a stadium for the North West region didn't start today. From as far back as the 70s hilltopvoices has it on good authority that a 45000 capacity stadium was promised the North West by the then minister of sports. It ended only as a promise.

On the 20 April 2016, Tombi A Roko Sidiki then president of FECAFOOT misled the administration of the North West  including the governor to the laying of a foundation stone for  a 2500 covered seats stadium with  a  synthetic turf,  team dressing and Press rooms, TV Studio, VIP Chamber, Officials room, restaurant, Olympic running tracks and provision to handle at least seven sport disciplines. We had details including cost which stood at 780M. It is five years today after they promised six months...

 On February 22, 2017 during an event to present the AFCON trophy won in Gabon to the population of the North West, Tombi A Roko courageously told the Bamenda people that, he was giving another six meaning the region should have been expecting the stadium by August of the same year. Till date the people are waiting.

As if to say the promising thing was infectious, just shortly after elections in 2018, Mbigha Felix told the press that a stadium was his priority and that in six months a stadium will be ready. In 2021, there is no stadium.

Oh Bamenda dong suffer

On the 22 of August 2021 here comes another promise and this time for a stadium from Holland. With no stadium now it means the stadium will be done in five months.

Can a stadium still be a campaign promise for Bamenda?

With divisional, regional and federal elections programmed to run from September to November, promising a stadium for Bamenda now is no doubt for a campaign promise. With the Football Association able to own only one football stadium constructed at snail pace in Odza in the outskirts of Yaounde, it will only take real effort to convince someone that the institution has the capacity to construct another.

In 1979 PWD Bamenda played the finals of the Cameroon cup, in the year 2000 Kumbo strikers played and won. In 2013 Yong Sports Academy YOSA played and won. In 2017 YOSA emerged vice champions,  In 2020 PWD Bamenda emerged champions of the professional league. Today many children from the region the play football in different parts of the world. With two male and one female top tier teams, one in Elite two the region has no stadium. If the region can achieved all these without a stadium, it is certain that promising the region a stadium cannot be campaign material. Just build one.