CAASDEV launches project to train crisis affected youths in solar energy.

Community Action for Advancing Sustainable Development,CAASDEV, a non-governmental organisation has launched a project to train 50 young crisis affected  persons in Mezam division of  Cameroon's crisis hit North West region.

Dubbed 'Solar Bright future',the project was launched Thursday May 30,2024 in Bamenda in the presence of partner organizations, beneficiaries and government institutions.
Group picture at close of training 

Selected youths according to CAASDEV will be empowered with hands on training in solar energy design, installation and maintainance.

"Solar Bright Future Project seeks to train 50 crisis affected youths-mostly displaced persons and host communities in Mezam in solar energy design,installation," Project Coordinator Marius Kongsoh told Hilltopvoices.

To be implemented with the assistance of partner organizations and institutions he added; "We are not just going to end at training them.We want to link up with solar companies,civil organizations and government institutions carrying out solar energy programs."

"We will place them there on internship where we are going to mentor and follow them up" said Marius Kongsoh.

The purpose he said " is to ensure that we have a smooth transition from training to employment"

The project which runs from April to November 2024  also aims to encourage the local population to "adopt green energy while building back our crisis torn communities"

With so many communities located in located in off grid areas,it is envisaged that the 50 persons to be trained will serve as ambassadors in these communities where they will contribute in designing,installing and maintaining energy systems.

Tombi Stanley, Coordinator of North West Development Organizations ,NWADO, says the project is huge energy potential in remote areas.

"CAASDEV is touching a huge potential for energy for the poor masses which lays beyond the grid.It is not easy for our government to connect all isolated villages through grid connection.I am impressed," said Tombir Stanley.

 Sponsored by the Islamic Development Bank through the International Labour Organization,the project is implemented in partnership with College of Technology of the University of Bamenda, Green Tech Engineering Services, and Sustainable Solutions for Community Development
Noel Lifogha, Director CAASDEV 

CAASDEV is a youth-led organization created since 2017. Led by Ndzi Noel Lifogha,it aims to foster community development and also empower young people with livelihood skills to support them strive economically and socially.

Other areas of intervention span from Climate action,gender based violence, vocational training and livelihood support.

By Wawa Jackson Nfor 
Tel: 6 94 71 85 77 

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